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13 September 2007

Candy for a baby...the day BBeR went gaga over tickets!

Alright, what you're about to read/see is only worth your time if you understand the fact that people here in Montreal feel great when they manage to net tickets for TEN Canadiens games for the upcoming season that fit into their budget; especially when these tickets sell out with 10 minutes.

So, think of this post as a storybook with lots of pictures.
(Some of my personal info as well as my ticket information has been blurred out -you have no idea how huge counterfeiting tickets are in this town-)

Home from a long day, BBeR opens up his mailbox and pulls this envelope out.

"Wow, this is Xpressmail", said the baffled BBeR, who was only used to getting bills, bills and hatred mail from (mainly CHEAP) Leafs fans around the country.
The bewildered Habanatic was being sarcastic, since he could tell pefectly well by the weight and odour what the envelope contained...

He then proceeded to feverishly tear it open...

...revealing a small envelope emblazoned with the Bell Centre logo...

All it took was a little peek inside to get BBeR's heart rate going...


10 minutes later, after a series of really weird behavior, your blogger returned to his lair, and amused himself by taking pictures of his tickets in various angles...

First, he set them flat on his desk

In the rocking words of Pink Floyd:
"Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash"

In this

Aerial view...

In his grasp...

What more needs to be said?
BBeR truly is a whacked out guy with nothing better to do than take pictures of his tickets.

Oh man, I can't wait to read the comments for this one! ;)


11 fanatics have replied:

Anonymous said...

Ok so how much are you spending on refreshments?hahahaha Lucky!Wish I made enough to buy season tickets to my teams games.Go Sharks!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Hopefully nothing, the tickets cleaned me out well, and as you likely know, venue food and drink is quite pricey.

I think I'll stick to sneaking in a bottle of orange juice or something. ;)

And I wish I had season tix too, but hey, I guess 10 games is pretty good.

Go Habs!

Katy said...

Might as well throw out those awesome tickets that have the Canes sign next to the Habs will be an upsetting game for you to watch! LOL
I think all teams should print them in French, that's the only thing that could make the Canes tickets any better.
Anywho, glad you got your tickets!
Go Canes!

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

i'll buy the two home openers for 50 bucks a piece...:P

Matthew Macaskill said...

See you at the Rangers game! :D

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Hehe, well, I actually just traded that one for the Leafs game about 3 days earlier! :)

Sorry dude! :(

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

alright well i was able to get two against florida the 16th (second game at home so the habs should be pumped) and on Jan 8th against Chicago to see my old classmate John Toews play! Still need to get a hand on the home opener though! I have a buddy who is flying in from Winnipeg for it...Looks like i'll be dealing with the scalpers like usual!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

eBay is actually pretty good Pierre.

Good luck!

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Don't feel too bad for me! I decided to take a look at admission today to see if some tickets freed up for the opener! Guess it was my lucky day, as I got my hands on a pair in the greys!

Anonymous said...


Lucky you!

Lil Cindy Lou said...

Wow! Seeing all those pics of tickets made me really REALLY excited for you!!!

Good luck to the Habs! :)


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