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08 October 2007

BBeR's Standings and Leaders predictions for the 2007-2008 season

Close, but no dice.

Gritty prediction: The Habs will get their revenge in the final game of the season, with both teams inching for the final playoff spot, against the Leafs in Montreal and earn the 8th seed.

Hey loyal readers and hockey fans!

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I can assure you the wait and the drought for hockey is now over, the season is about a week old and it's to no one's surprise that fans all around the nation are going crazy.
Well, I went crazy a few days before the Ducks and Kings dropped the puck in the UK, crazy making up predictions for the coming season.

Yes, I also know that the season's started and I'm a little late, but hey, who really cares except the people who insist over useless details?

Feel free to speak your mind or bash me to your heart's content.

  1. New York Rangers
  2. Ottawa Senators
  3. Carolina Hurricanes
  4. Buffalo Sabres
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins
  6. Philadelphia Flyers
  7. Tampa Bay Lightning
  8. Montreal Canadiens
  9. Toronto Maple Leafs
  10. Florida Panthers
  11. New Jersey Devils
  12. Washington Capitals
  13. Boston Bruins
  14. Atlanta Thrashers
  15. New York Islanders

  1. Detroit Red Wings
  2. San Jose Sharks
  3. Colorado Avalanche
  4. Dallas Stars
  5. Calgary Flames
  6. Anaheim Ducks
  7. Vancouver Canucks
  8. Los Angeles Kings
  9. Minnesota Wild
  10. Nashville Predators
  11. Columbus Blue Jackets
  12. St. Louis Blues
  13. Edmonton Oilers
  14. Phoenix Coyotes
  15. Chicago Blackhawks

Eastern Team Leaders (PTS):
Bruins -- Savard
Canadiens -- Koivu
Capitals -- Ovechkin
Devils -- Parise
Flyers -- Briere
Hurricanes -- Staal
Islanders -- Comrie
Lightning -- St. Louis
Maple Leafs -- Blake
Panthers -- Jokinen
Penguins -- Crosby
Rangers -- Jagr
Sabres -- Roy
Senators -- Alfredsson
Thrashers -- Hossa

Western Team Leaders (PTS):
Avalanche -- Sakic
Blackhawks -- Ruutu
Blue Jackets -- Nash
Blues -- Kariya, P.
Canucks -- Sedin (pick one)
Coyotes -- Doan
Ducks -- McDonald
Flames -- Igingla
Kings -- Frolov
Oilers -- Hemsky
Predators -- Dumont
Red Wings -- Datsyuk
Sharks -- Thornton
Stars -- Morrow
Wild -- Gaborik


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10 fanatics have replied:

Rand said...

Can't see Blake putting up more pts then Sundin.
Neither is a huge injury concern.

Blake at 34 has never broke 60Pts in a season before last season, and at 34 you have to think it was a career year for him.

Sundin's not much older, hardly a bigger injury concern... and he's only finished with a worse PPG pace then Blake's career yr in his rookie season and even that was a match for anything Blake ever did before then.

If Blake beats out Sundin for the team lead in Pts then something horrible happened in Toronto and 9th in the East may look awfully optimistic.

JD FLYGUY said...

The only prediction I might see differently is Frolov leading the Kings in points. Although I think he'll have a good year, I have a feeling Cammalleri is gonna edge him by around 10-15 points. I was watching one of the Kings/Ducks games in London on TV, and boy, did he look deadly down low. He seemed to be there for every chance. I also wouldn't be surprised to see him among the top 20 point-getters this season - he's got a better surrounding cast than years past.

Other than that - seems pretty spot on!

kronis said...

I see you've joined the so-called experts in picking the Islanders for last in the Atlantic, and gone a step further into stupidity by putting them dead last in the Conference. Put the pipe down fella.

Pretty inept assessment on many fronts, not just the Isles.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Kronis: If you don't like it, don't read it, it's just my predictions and it doesn't mean it'll happen, but seriously, tell me the Isles are better than the Phils, Devils, Pens or Rangers at this point.

Really dude.

And if you'd like to point out those other "inept" assessments please.

kronis said...

BBeR: Okay - the Islanders are better than the Flyers and Devils. I won't go so far as to say they are better (on paper) than the Pens and Rags, but certainly should be ranked ahead of PHI and NJ.
That's my opinion. If you don't like it, don't read it.

If you're going to put "bold" predictions on your page, be prepared for a little dissection, and disagreement, no? Comes with the territory, no? I stand by my earliest comments.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

No problem, I appreciate those comments, and I wouldn't say my predictions are too "bold".\

Look at some TSN predictions and tell me mine are way too bold.

Thanks for the feedback, and for the record, I don't think the Isles are better than the Flyers or Devils.

The Flyers greatly improved while the Devils...are the Devils.

The Isles lost Blake, Smyth, Poti and replaced them with Comrie, Guerin and Berard.

Those aren't too bad, but still aren't as good as Blake, Smyth and Poti were.


kronis said...

Sorry for getting testy with ya, but I get a bit tired with lack of respect the Islanders get. Looking at the rosters for TOR and MON, and seeing those teams, among others, ranked above the NYI, I have to disagree with ya.

The Isles were picked for dead last (or near) last year, and made the playoffs. Ryan Smyth was a very small part of that. Very, very small. His departure hurt, but management brought in team players anyway, and they are clicking on all cylinders. It's just a shame that in the eyes of the media, and non-Isles fans, the team goes through the same disrespect this year again.

When I look around the East, I see teams like BUF and ATL sucking this year, along with FLO, BOS, MON, and TOR. That leaves plenty of room for NYI to secure a spot. DiPietro is highly underrated. By the way, in case you didn't catch it, he was ranked ahead of Lundqvist in The Hockey News' Best 20 at their Positions article. But no one notices because it's not the overrated Rangers. Again, that's just my take on it.

And sure, the Flyers improved, but after the disaster that was last season, you expect the recovery that quick? I certainly don't. Philly doesn't make the playoffs. Biron is not the answer in goal. Hartnell has yet to show up on the scoresheet.
The Devils? They lost too much and replaced it with lesser quality players, just like you suggest with the Islanders. Brodeur is still the best, but even he can't keep offsetting the losses on the roster.

Sorry for the lengthy rant. I had some things to say though.

Oh, and the final score from Nassau Coliseum, the Islanders 2, the Rangers 1.

Ben said...

You seemed to have forgotten Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza on your list of top point-getters.

That's okay. I just presume your fingers cramped up and you couldn't throw them in at the top at that time.

I forgive you! But I expect a correction soon.

Rock on.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Rand: Maybe you're right, but Sundin is most likely to seriously decline at this point in his career.

JD Flyguy: You know, I thought about Camalleri, and honestly, Frolov is just about ready to break out.
It could go either way, so here's to hoping I rolled the dice right! :)

kronis: It's ok, I perfectly understand. I get pretty testy too when people always say my Habs suck, I guess it's the way hockey fans are.

The Rangers? overrated.

Maybe you could say that before last year, but seriously, adding Gomez and Drury should completely distance that team from "overrated".
If those guys don't pan out like they should for the money they're getting, then you could probably reassociate them with "overrated".

We'll just have to wait and see. :)

Ben: I chose one, and I chose Alfy; but it looks like Heatley might just do better.

Katy said...

I like where the Canes fall on you list..#3. I can live with that.
I think Buffalo will be lower on the list though, and perhaps the Caps will be up a few spots.
There were lots of doubts about the Canes and how well they are going to do at the beginning of the season, since we didn't have many changes over the offseason. Everyone seems to be realizing that we are going to be a force to reckon with.
I like this quote from MSNBC:
"This team is on a mission, and if you’re the opposition, you’re in for a bumpy ride."

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