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22 October 2007

In case you missed it...Toews's unreal goal!

And the best part is, it was on Jose Theodore...sorry Mike and Avs fans, hehe.

He and Kane are really doing well to start the season...

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3 fanatics have replied:

Mike Thompson said...

No hurt feelings here. The only thing is, we need more people to poster0ze Jose Threeorfour so that Joey Q. will stop playing him and give the job to Budaj, instead of stringing him along.

kronis said...

Nice to see Chicago back in the league again with some interest from the fan base again too. No Blackhawks fan here, but they have been down for so long, it's just nice to see a shift finally.

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Nice to see a guy I know rip through colorado and score on good old Theodore!

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