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30 October 2007

The team that does "Whatever it Takes" is back

There has been a new feeling to the season here in Carolina. It is very reminiscent of a feeling 16 guys on his team have experienced once already.

The farther in to the season we are getting the more answers we are getting that alleviate any doubts we may have. We had three of our top forwards out due to injury (Cole, Ladd and Walker) but we had two AHL call ups that stepped in and filled the gaps that were missing for us. After a terribly disappointing loss to the Canadiens at home on the 26th, instead of pitying themselves and continuing the losing streak like we saw so many times in the 2006-2007 season, they took charge and destroyed the Islanders the next night 8-3.

The Canes have gone 7-2-3 in their first 12 games of the season sitting proudly atop the division with 17 points. So far, the are proving that 2005-2006 season wasn't just a fluke and that these "Redneck" hockey players are contenders.

The next month is very important for the Canes. With the exception of the Flyers games (on the 21st and 28th) they face their division the entire month (11 division games)
I've got to leave it at that for now, good luck to the boys as they take on their division in the coming up weeks!

Let's go Canes!

4 fanatics have replied:

Mike Thompson said...

PK must get better. The game tonight against the Florida Panthers was wretched. I'm a closet 'Canes fan and that was some painful stuff in the 3rd. The stripes helped Florida on a few calls, but the lack of a competant PK has reared it's head often of late.

Katy said...

A few calls? The refs didn't even give the Panthers a penalty without giving us a matching one!
Our PK really does need work, but I am sure that Lavi will be busting their butts on that for the next two days.
No worries though. I will be sharing my thoughts in a blog about that atrocity that was last night in a bit!

Mike Thompson said...

I agree about the reffing in that game. From what the Florida announcers mentioned on numerous occasions, the Canes have been getting some heat about dives lately, and that may have been the reason for the matching calls.

What's that all about? Just sour grapes or what?

Katy said...

It's not heat about dives from anyone but Florida...and like I said to a friend last night, if we were going to dive it would be against a team that actually has talent (no offense Panthers fan!)

It was because they effing went 1-7-0 against us last year and apparently we win by diving against them *eye roll* so they are mad.

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