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01 October 2007

Habs finalize roster. Lapierre Halak and O'Byrne on the road to Hamilton

Bob Gainey earlier today reduced his roster to the maximum 23 players. Several comments can be made about the cuts.

Firstly, Lapierre is on his way to Hamilton after a very ordinary training camp. Carbonneau several days ago stated his disappointment in Lapierre's play, opening the door for a possible demotion to Hamilton. I have to admit I didn't expect Lapierre to be cut on the basis that he was part of a commercial about the Habs starring other than himself, Latendresse, Komisarek, and Higgins. Maybe this demotion will serve as a warning to everyone. No players are safe, and they will have to answer for there lack of effort and/or production.

Next, Price will be Huet's backup. Gainey obviously out-weighed Carbonneau who had earlier in the pre-season that if Price were to stay in Montreal, it would be as the starter. Did Carbo change his mind or did Gainey make the decision on his own? For the good of the team, I hope they reached a consensus.

Last but not least, O'Byrne was cut on the basis that he is the only defenseman able to go to Hamilton without having to clear waivers. Expect him to be back quickly if an injury occurs on the blue line.

2 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow.

I expected O'Byrne to be cut, as well as Price.


Price is backing Huet up and Chips and Grabs are both still on the team!

Very surprising indeed.

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

I like what Carbo said in the press conference earlier today. He considers his team is formed of 25-26 players that can play hockey at an NHL level. He is happy to see the depth on his roster.

Hopefully, his enthusiasm is genuine, and the Habs will offer some good hockey

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