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05 August 2007

It's NOT Staal good

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I know I am a bit, behind with this post but I have been super busy. I am sure everyone has heard by now about the Staal brothers' arrest on July 25th.

Apparently Eric's bachelor party was loud and "disorderly" and after several times after being asked to quiet down they were thrown out of the resort. Once they left they were walking along side the road (at least they were smart enough to stay from behind the wheel) and being obnoxious at which point they were arrested. It has surfaced that both Eric and Jordan were both one of the few who actually went to bed when asked the first time, but were woken up and told to leave. Not so sure how much truth is behind that.
While Eric is JUST being charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process, Jordan will also face an Underage drinking charge because he was only 18 at the time.

Jim Rutherford has indicated that Eric won't get any punishment fromt the team, although I am guessing Laviolette will give him a nice talking to.

*As a small side note: Eric's wedding was this past Friday. Congrats to him and Tanya.

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