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16 August 2007

DiPietro shows off Isles new jersey...

"Barring" the news that Mark Bell is headed to jail and that the annual Hockey News Ultimate Pool guide for the upcoming season is out (yipee!), Islanders 'tender Rick DiPietro gave bloggers something to write about as he has recently unveiled New York's new RBK jersey look on ice at Iceworks rink in Syosset, NY.

(Thanks to fellow blogger Sean over at Popjocks and regular Peter Arheim for sending this in!)

And as every single other jersey that RBK has remade out there, this is "the result of two years of Reebok research, it incorporates the company's "Edge" system, which offers lighter, more breathable fabric that allows for a greater range of movement, and two new technologies -- Bead Away and Playdry -- which wick away moisture, providing for a significantly drier jersey over 60 sweaty minutes."

Sure we've all heard this many times before, and many of us have even examined the concept of a RBK Edge jersey, but I wonder, will the fabric of the jersey you wear really make you noticably faster, or will this just turn out to be another NHL-laid bomb?
I will reserve judgement on the actual results of wearing this newly designed and manufactured jersey, until I see some action this October.

As for the look of the jersey, I have to admit, it looks pretty nice even if I hate the fact there are numbers on the front of the jersey and that horizontal striping is just plain silly.

Oh and sorry for the lack of posting this month, as you've probably noticed, hockey news is becoming increasingly rare.

The jerseys post will be updated soon!


5 fanatics have replied:

kronis said...

I'm very bitter the Islanders didn't just mimic their existing look on the new Reebok jersey system. The Red Wings, Bruins, Blackhawks, and others managed to basically copy it over, with minor modifications. There is no need for a new design for NYI.

The laces suck too. No need for them on the modern hockey jersey of the day. As someone else in another forum already said, it looks like a little boys outfit. I hate it.

Could have been worse though. Always can be worse....

Katy said...

I am still very iffy about whether I like the idea of redoing the sweaters. I would like to see how they look on the ice, but according to the players who have tried them out, they really do hold less water, making it a lot lighter

Anonymous said...

Hey, these arent that bad looking at all. I just thank god they left out the teal and didn't bring back the Gorton's Fisherman. Change isnt always bad, nice job.

Anonymous said...

I definitely don't care for numbers on the front of the jersey, or on any jersey (thanks a lot, Sabres). I don't mind the "official" picture posted on the main page, but I agree that last season's jerseys were pretty clean and sharp.

It seems like a lot of teams are going back to colours on the sleeves, as opposed to some horizontal stripes....

Anonymous said...

1st of all every isle jersey in existence has sucked. the new ones suck. the old ones suck. the pumpkin jersey sucks. the fisherman sucks. dp sucks. and of course POTVIN SUCKS!!!!!! But anyway nobody really cares about the islanders and their stupid homo jerseys because they wont be wearing them when it counts the playoffs. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!BEAT YO WIFE POTVIN BEAT YO WIFE!!!!!!

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