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25 August 2007

Canucks new jersey...can this finally be the one?

Countless "leaks", speculation, unconfirmed talk and restlessness from Canucks fans caused a good deal of havoc for much of the month of July, when most of the jerseys were released, primarily because they seem to be so picky about what their team will wear in the coming seasons.

But all that may just be about to end.

Just recently, the Canucks logo was confirmed by many a leaked images to be this one:

Shortly after -gee, what a coincidence- the Vancouver Canucks official website leaves behind a typical teaser, previewing the Canucks new jersey and advertizing its release date by showing you just enough to get an impression of what it may look like and still keeping you in the dark by actually not showing you anything but the basic colours.

And the moment we've all been waiting for...your EA Sports NHL 08 Canucks UNCONFIRMED (I say this because if this turns out not to be legit, then please don't come down hard, I blog for fun and I try to give fans the most accurate information possible) leak (which I got from a very reliable source connected to EA Canada.)

-Note: some of the colour/contrast/clarity may be a bit off in some spots, that's my image hosting service's doing.

Click here for a higher-resolution version

Feel free to speak your mind in the comments section.

And as for the jersey, I actually like it very much; I always enjoyed watching them suit up in that classic look every so often last season.


3 fanatics have replied:

Anonymous said...

This is hideous. The wording of Vancouver on the front is just plain awful.... if they put they orca logo on the shoulder and the stick logo on the front (with out the wording) then it would be perfect!

However, this is a fake. There are two types of necklines on these uniforms (the style of NHL logo on the front). The type that you see in this graphic was used in the All-Star game and the Predators jerseys, yet if you look at the picture of Luongo you'll notice that the neckline is the other type that has been used by Washington, Detroit, Columbus etc.

I can't say this with certainty unfortunately, but I'd be very surprised if this was the actual uniform.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Interesting, thanks for that comment, very helpful...and as I mentioned, this is unconfirmed, maybe it was a previous prototype that the Canucks fed EA with that was discontinued.

The Dark Ranger said...

Thanks for sharing this enlightening information on the Canucks jerseys. Every Vancouver fan will buy 'em like we all do -- well, unless you're an Islander fan this season. But that has everything to do with the roster, not the look.

So this is what August hockey news has come down to -- our version of "What Not to Wear" and how our favorite players look in our favorite jerseys. It's all a little too sensitive for my love of hockey, if you ask me.

I get that other blogs spend their time on the new looks and uniforms, but who really cares. I pose this....does anyone really care? If your love of a hockey team designs a bad logo or the way the horizontal stripe fits on the new look, are you feeling any different about them at the beginning of the season?


The Dark Ranger

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