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15 August 2007

Bars for Bell?

Mark Bell, traded this summer from the San Jose Sharks to the Leafs in June of this year. While the story maybe relatively knew, it appears Maple Leaf brass were monitoring the situation since his arrival. The charges, and impending jail time were the result of an incident that occured in september of 2006. Bell, apparently had twice the legal limit of blood/alcohol content as he collided with a truck during the early hours last fall. He then made the inebriated choice to stumble away from the scene, making the issue a felony. He was facing close to four years in prison, but, according to TSN he will recieve 6 months that will be served after the season ends. In all likelyhood, Bell will not miss any regular season games, as he will serve only two thirds of his sentence which is common for cases such as this. While most athletes are professionals and do in fact conduct themselves as such, what are your thoughts on athletes in the justice system? Should jail time, house arrests, or any such repercussions be served around the players schedule?

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