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03 August 2007

It's official, Brisebois is back home

RDS reports defenseman Patrice Brisebois signed a one year 700 000 $ contract with possible performance bonuses of up to 700 000 $. Gainey justified this move by saying that "Patrice is a proven veteran defenseman who will add depth to our defense."

The deal is too fresh for me to decide whether or not I am pleased by this signing. We can almost certainly forget about seeing a prospect defenseman from Hamilton (Côté for example) make the team. However, their is no doubt in my mind that having signed a contract that is well under the 4.3M he was making in his last campaign with the Habs, Brisebois will not be as pressured by the media and the fans. I have no problem with Gainey signing him so long as he is not going to be a liability defensively. If he finishes the season with a + rating, his offensive numbers will not be of concern to me.

I wont lie to you guys, many things need to be proven by the Habs on the ice, and I can't wait for the season to start to see what will work out, and what wont.

6 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I'm speechless.

DKerr said...

Wow, I'll be optimistic and say Bob Gainey did alright. Let's see what Patrice has left in the tank -you have to give him props for wanting to come back. If used right, he could be a contributor, and the price is right. What if a Hamilton Dman is not ready? Or, some injury takes someone out for half a year? If management does not feel a youngster is ready or needs more seasoning, what a nice insurance policy at about the same price!

FanToTheBone said...

I hope they'll build a wall behind this guy. Watch other team's offence, they'll always go on his side He is as good defensively as Souray was, without the physical.

I hope that kids will outplay him during camp leaving no other choice to the management than to release him ...

Or maybe Gainey wants to be kind with this guy and give him the possibility to retire as a HAB.

Or Gainey has a trade in progress involving D-Mens

Mike Thompson said...

As an avalanche fan I can say that Breezy doesn't have much left in the tank, IMO. I figure this is a well-intentioned way to get some veteran presence on the back end and give him a chance to retire in a Habs sweater.

GoalieGallery said...

Brisebois makes me nervous however I am optimistic that he will do great.

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Re: Fantothebone

I have to say I disagree with the comparison of Brisebois and Souray defensively. In Patrice's last season with the Habs, he was a +17. I remember the main issue being the fact that he only scored four goals and was receiving a rather large amount of money (4.3M). For 700K, if he stays in the +, and gets 30 to 40 points, it will be a steal.

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