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29 August 2007


This entire off season, the (small) population of Coyotes fans have been sitting back cursing in the general direction of the whole management team for not having any good news about Keith Ballard. Fret no more Coyote lovers (if indeed you DO exist). The Coyotes have finally resigned the poster child to a 2 year contract. That, of course, means we have to go through this whole ordeal in a couple years but we're out of the fire for now and that's all that matters. Isn't it?

Here's to another two years of the deadly hip check (fondly referred to as the booty bump), playing goalie when ours is off in candy land or wherever those dazed goaltenders go when they are not doing what they should be and entertaining us fans through the long nights ahead of us. Take a shot and pass it around Coyotes fans, even with our baby back we've still got a long, hard ride ahead of us.

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