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02 October 2007

2007-2008 NHL Predictions

I'm back for my first full season on the BBeR, hoping to give some solid insight around the league.

I'll start simple, by posting my predictions for the upcoming season.

I decided last year, that it's not worth going through the trouble of discussing why I predict what I do, because in actuality there is no real science to doing this. No one will completely agree with everything anyone says. I'll just put a quick comment next to each team.

1- Ottawa Senators -- best team in a weaker division.
2- Florida Panthers -- last year's team looked like they're getting it together
3- New York Rangers -- spending money shouldn't hurt them this time around. Sather does it his way.
4- Pittsburgh Penguins -- not worse, but an ultra-competitive division may leave them stagnant in the standings.
5- Carolina Hurricanes -- got hit with injuries hard last season, and a healthy team should bounce back.
6- Philadelphia Flyers -- looked a lot better towards the end of the season, but they will take some time to gel.
7- Tampa Bay Lightning -- still a solid team, but lack of depth will still be a concern.
8 - Buffalo Sabres -- lost a lot in the offseason, but don't forget who they still have.
9 - Toronto Maple Leafs -- Still just miss, but as long as the pipeline develops, will rise to the top again.
10 - Atlanta Thrashers -- did nothing while almost everyone else got better.
11 - New Jersey Devils -- transitioning team forced to watch off-season happenings.
12- Washington Capitals -- improving team, but still a lot to prove.
13 - New York Islanders -- mediocre team that went for it all in one year when they shouldn't have.
14 - Boston Bruins -- a team that has to prove they can get it right. A poor season will lead to another front office house cleaning
15- Montreal Canadiens -- I just don't see much good this year.


1- Detroit Red Wings -- once again, strong team in a weakened division
2- San Jose Sharks -- the talent has always been there
3- Calgary Flames -- most people are critical of Keenan, but he and this team will be good for each other
4- Anaheim Ducks -- might be a Cup hangover, but should be in full gear for the playoffs
5- Vancouver Canucks -- Luongo is back of course, the team will go where he can take them.
6- Columbus Blue Jackets -- my surprise in the west, Ken Hitchcock will have this team playing hard, and playing to win
7- Colorado Avalanche -- up only two spots from last year, but it's a testamant of the division they're in and they're an improved team.
8- Minnesota Wild -- 4 teams from the Northwest? The Wild are a team that is built for the playoffs, the problem will be getting there.
9- Los Angeles Kings -- kills me to have them just miss, but they will take solace in the fact that the team is not that far away.
10- St. Louis Blues -- still transitioning, but the future isn't far away
11 - Nashville Predators -- not sure how you improve when you lose great players
12 - Dallas Stars -- were good enough to make the dance last year, but didn't keep pace. Still won't score.
13 - Chicago Blackhawks -- still not ready to make noise. Not yet.
14 - Edmonton Oilers -- I just don't see a mix of players that can compete consistently at this level.
15 - Phoenix Coyotes -- a new regime in the desert, it will take some time.

6 fanatics have replied:

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Uhhhhhh. You've depressed me! I cannot beleive you predict the Habs to finish dead last! I'm not confident they will make the playoffs, but if things follow through and injuries / flu don't come around, they might just pull it off!

Marc E said...

Dude! When Briere went to Philly you managed to convince me we were going to be fine... and now you're putting the boys dead last! What the...?! Come on! We'll finish in front of Boston, NYI, the Caps at the very least! Where's your optimism? :-)

habsdoc said...

I'm tellin' ya....6th place for the Habs!!! You read it here first :)

Bitchany said...

Blue Jackets for 6th in the West...I think I love you!!!

Jean-Francois said...

Habs last? For real? Can I remind you it's pretty much the last team as last year? The on who fought up the last game of the season for a place in playoffs?

Learn something here: the CH will do the same thing they do since they lost Roy. they'll fight up to the last couple games (1 to 5). I think we'll need a lot of help to make the playoffs but under the Ilses? And... Boston? Please...

Last year we were good enough to compete with Buffalo up to mid-season.

Actually, here is MY prediction:

Ottawa, New York, Pittsburgh are going to be 3 of the top 4 spots in the east with Carolina or Tampa end up 3rd as usual.

Boston, Long Island and Washington will be the bottom 3 and everybody else will fight for the remaining 4 playoffs spots. I like Philadelphia's chances but it wouldn't be the first time a team pack up with stars and still fall down (Rangers).

I don't know much about the West but I think you were too harsh for Edmonton (still won't make the playoffs) and I think Nashville will have an even harder time with the players they lost.

What's the over/under on "game before Wayner Gretzki fires himself"?

The length of the mid-season slump (there will be one) will dictate if we make the playoffs or not.

Also Florida won't win their conference. They couldn't pull it off with Luongo (or even make the playoffs) and Vokoun, while not a bad goalie, sure isn't Luongo.

Francis said...

Finally, in the East, these predictions were juste ridiculous.
Sorry, but when you see the Habs last, and they finish first...
With four teams that don't end up in the playoff as you said.

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