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08 October 2007

Coyotes Howl-a-thon

I've been missing in action this season but I've gotten the insane urge to uptalk my boys... maybe I'm hoping that if I get to it first then it won't sting so bad when everyone starts trashing us. :)

First off, I must say that Coyotes fans are never satisfied (except myself, of course). The Phoenix Coyotes had zero creativity in the front office last year and the fans wasted no time in letting them know. Now that they are trying something new with the fuzzy French snowman (yes, I said fuzzy snowman) commercials, the new video and music selection at games and the billboards and posters splashed all around our fair city, all anyone can do is bitch.

"It's too loud." "The language isn't family friendly." "The strobes irritate me." "The commercials are stupid."

Get over it, guys. You can either have an uptempo Linkin Park song in the opening video or you can have Britney Spears. I think I'm one of the minority that loves the new way of doing things. The songs get me pumped up and while the strobe lights through the ENTIRE game might be pushing the envelope, how else are they expected to get our dead crowd excited?

Now that that's off my chest, I can turn to the real reason for the post - the game itself. In our first game we played the Blues and we beat 'em in every way shape and form. Sorry Blues fans but you know it's true. We outskated, outshot and outplayed your team. We were chipper and feisty and we wanted the win BAD, so we did what we were supposed to do and we went out and TOOK it.

Unfortunately, the luck/skill didn't spill over to our next game vs. the Bruins. The first peiod was completely owned by Boston and it didn't get a whole lot better the rest of the game. We ended up losing (albeit not by much) and the fans were pissed. My question is why? We knew from the beginning that this year was going to be atrocious but because we won that first game everyone's hopes leapt into the air only to crash back around their feet when they realized that no, this isn't an overnight project.

We lost Zbynek Michalek for 4-6 weeks with a broken hand the day before the season began and we're still missing tough-guy Josh Gratton with his broken finger. Us Coyotes sure have a way of immobilizing ourselves. Anyone who thought that Zbynek was a waste of space before this better take a good look around, watch the rest of the d-men scramble around to fill the spot left by the little Czech.

It's a fun season so far (2 games deep is early to call it, I know). I'm looking forward to more losing because then at least my boys will learn what not to do. Get all that junk out of the way now so that when it comes time to put it all on the table they're not afraid to do what they're supposed to.

Goooo Coyotes!

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