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11 March 2007

Simon's NHL career gets spanked with huge suspension

Now here's Chris Simon, stepping up to the plate...and the pitch from
Hollweg...swing and a head hit! Great contact by Simon, he just pounded the headball with that swing...

After swinging at Ryan Hollweg's head a few days ago, gritty Chris Simon of the New York Islanders will sit for a minimum of 25-games according to Colin Campbell and co.
This officially ends his season, the entire playoffs(that is, assuming the Isles get in) without exception, even if the Islanders go far and more importantly, his NHL career.

Simon, 35, is nearing the end of his career. After a terrible 2005-2006 campaign with the Flames, the Islanders took a chance on this shaky but season vet, signing him to a one-year deal. He brings grit, strength and occasional scoring ability to the table.
He's having a decent year by his standards, he inherited a spot on the top line recently, with 10 goals and 17 assists for a total of 22 points.

His NHL career is probably over, Simon should hang 'em up once the season and his suspension are over. He's not made for the fast new NHL, players like him are unfortunatly abundant but fortunately dissapearing.

Here's the play Simon will probably have ever made in his career; what a sour way to end your NHL stay.

Colin Campbell and co. should start worrying, trash like this is becoming a custom in the new NHL (see Cam Janssen and Tomas Kaberle)

Now, we have to think...who's the next one to do something like this?
Makes me wonder if these guys are on something like amphetamines.

Goodbye Chris Simon, you will not be missed, *ahem* well, not by me...

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

2 fanatics have replied:

The Ghost said...

You know, this is the problem with the league. It is one thing when a guy like, say, Malkin, gets out of character and does something like this. Unfortunately, guys like Simon, this is their character. They play the game to fight, "mix it up" etc... It is hard to justify the "enforcer position anymore.

I love old time hockey, but the league ahs to choose. Either it accepts unadulterated violence or it does not. It will have fans either way. The mixed signals though hurt the game.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I always thought enforcers were a waster of players. Really, I never considered Aaron Downey a player. Simon can still put up some kind of numbers, so you can call him a checking line forward.

The league should stop this crap before someone really gets really hurt a.k.a. death.

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