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20 March 2007

McKenzie: NHLPA strike cancels IIHF meeting

Sources tell TSN that a meeting in Zurich to work on a new transfer agreement between the NHL and the International Ice Hockey Federation that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled because the NHLPA cannot send a representative.

The effect on the hockey world of the NHLPA's old problems, have been more important than most thought.

Just a week after getting rid of Bob Goodenow's successor, Ted Saskin, the NHLPA's strike has affected International Hockey as well as the NHL.

Bob McKenzie states on his blog that the NHLPA could not send a representative to a scheduled meeting in Zurich with the IIHF.

The meeting was supposed to be an attempt to salvage the failing player transfer relations with European countries and the NHL.

To give you a relevant example: Evegeni Malkin's little tiff with his former Russian team raised eyebrows, especially when Malkin fled Russia ajust a while after he signed a new contract that would keep him with Dynamo for the 2006-2007 season.

His Russian team attempted to take the matter into court, but the Supreme Court declined the inquiry.

Unless people want to see lawsuits and hockey international relationships vanish, I suggest that the NHLPA finds a way to re-schedule this meeting, and fast.

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