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01 March 2007

Fallout: Martin Gerber nearly a Bruin?

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Senators nearly acquired enigmatic goaltender Tim Thomas from the Boston Bruins in exchange for soft defenceman/forward Christoph Schubert and goaltender Ray Emery.

This would be a bogus move on all levels.

a) Martin Gerber's salary is currently $3.7 million, Tim Thomas's salary is $1.2 million.
See something wrong there? Yeah, maybe...that means $2.5 million more salary going to Boston.
b) Christoph Schubert's making about 525 K this season.
Conclusion: Ottawa dumps about $4 million, while they receive a quarter of that.

Not only does Boston suck up a huge amount of cap space for relatively mediocre players (despite Gerber's strong performance since the New Year), but they help out a division rival.

Oh, and I don't see John Muckler trading Martin Gerber, who's improved hugely since his early-season struggles.

I don't know who the Citizen's source is...but, to put it politely, this is a bit far-fetched...
Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

1 fanatics have replied:

Sherry said...

I would have some done some well-intentioned kicking in the nuts if Schubert and Emery was sent off for Thomas. Just because he's been giving the Senators trouble since last season doesn't make him Martin Brodeur.

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