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19 March 2007

Yet another "Playfair to be dismissed" rumour ridiculed by Sutter...

For two days, the local airwaves have been buzzing about the possibility of a Calgary Flames coaching change — and that Jim Playfair's job was in jeopardy. General manager Darryl Sutter put an end to the speculation Monday morning, saying it simply wasn't going to happen.

"Just put it to bed nationally," said Sutter, in an interview. "Somebody put it to bed. Every time we lose two games, they say it's the coach. It's not a coaching thing. It's a collective team thing. You get to this point of the season, it's a team thing. Don't somebody try to isolate it on one player or the coach.
-Erik Duhatschek, Globe Sports

I've also had enough of these "Sutter to dismiss Playfair for playoffs" rumours.
Ok, the team gets in a funk for a few games then gets Flame hot again and people forget about these sayings, which have grown way out of proportion.

Playfair has done a good job, his Flames are slightly worse than last year and if they continue to play good hockey, like they have for most of the second half, they'll be a shoo-in for the playoffs.
Besides, it's not as if the Flames are "choking" with him behind the bench, he (well the team) did pull them out of their slump back in October-November when his head coaching career got off to a bad start.

Nevertheless, he's the man, and Sutter stands by his words.

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