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12 March 2007

Canes' Cam Ward Out Indefinitely....oh just kidding, really only a week!

That's right folks, so adjust your fantasy teams accordingly.

In yet another blow to the Canes attempt at defending their Stanley Cup Championship, Cam Ward is going to have to take a little break.

In yesterday afternoon's 2-1 shoot out loss to the Rangers, Cam Ward was injured during the 2nd period. Who injured him? None other than Brad 'I wasn't good enough to make the Canes" Isbister. Isbister displayed those same great skating skills that he showed off during the Canes training camp, sliding feet first into the crease, directly hitting Cam Ward's knee. The result was 11 stitches and more despair for the Hurricanes team and the fans.

"It's right on the top of the knee, so if I bend my leg, the stitches would probably come right out," Ward said.

Ouch. Along with the fact that he can't bend the knee - playing with a cut that deep you run the risk of infection. Remember Jay McKee? The latest reports have him as being out "indefinitely", but with a cut like that, right above the knee I can't see him returning anytime soon. Cam Ward said the cut was so deep, he could see the muscle.

So, who is going to be manning the pipes for the Canes now?

John Grahame.

Ok, you can stop laughing. Grahame has been pretty stellar for the Canes this season and I have faith in him that he can continue that play. This is his time to shine. The most likely call up to warm the bench is Justin Peters. The Canes other decent goaltender prospect, Craig Kowalski, is playing in the ECHL and is a huge part of his teams great performance this year. I doubt they will recall him when his team is in first place just to have him ride the pine.

This is just another disappointing blow to the Canes already injury riddled roster.


Cam Ward is only going to be out "until he can have his stitches removed". Craig Kowalski has in fact been stolen away from his #1 team (a team he has been a huge part of) to sit on the bench until Ward can return in just 5-7 days. I'll believe it when I see it. I can't imagine what a cut like that would do to goaltenders dexterity, especially a butterfly goaltender like Wardo.


2 fanatics have replied:

Matthew Macaskill said...

Is that Ribeiro firing a puck at Ward?

Oh, the horror!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

That was in game 5 when we were losing and we took a lot of penalties.
That was the powerplay in which Ribs was robbed.

Oh yeah, I got pissed at him for that, I think it was Kovalev that set him up there.

Nice choice of pic CG12!

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