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26 March 2007

Presenting: Jack Johnson

The moment came on Sunday. Kings fans have been waiting for this day since August. Jack Johnson is coming.

The other day Jack Johnson signed a contract with the Los Angeles Kings. He has left Michigan after his sophomore season ended with an 8-5 loss to North Dakota on Saturday. His first game with the Kings will be in San Jose.

Some will tell you JMFJ actually regressed this season because he is so much better than everyone else on the ice. The Kings will welcome his up tempo game. Along with Lubomir Visnovsky and Rob Blake, possibly Richard Petoit, and potentially a free agent as well, the Kings might have a scary good defense next season.

So Kings fans have something to be excited for in these final few weeks. A bright future lies ahead another trying season. The difference from years past is that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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