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03 March 2007

Looks like Ol' Jeremy is finally finished.

"My body's tired. I'm tired of a lot of certain mentalities that go along with
this game," he said. "A lot of it I induce myself because of stuff I say, but
I'm okay with that. If this happens to be the last year, I'll walk away knowing
I had a pretty darn good career and I can enjoy my life after hockey."

This is what Roenick told Grant Kerr in today's Globe and Mail after being a healthy scratch in the Yotes' game versus the Canucks.

Jeremy Roenick looks like he's ready to retire, and sadly, for he hasn't yet reached the 500-goal mark. He is eight shy of this milestone and with his current sad offensive production, along with his sharp decline, it may not be likely for Roenick or his body, to reach that milestone.

He will likely be known as the guy who just missed the 500-goal mark, such as Sammy Sosa in baseball, who still sits 12 homers shy of the 600-homer mark.

Roenick went from being a decent offensive force with the Flyers and his career went downhill after a downright dissapointing season with the Kings and an even more miserbale one this season with Phoenix.
You know something is wrong with him, as he's stopped dancing on the ice, singing to Michael Landsberg and being open to the media.

It looks like the door is closed on Roenick now.

My morale would decline too if I found out I was traded for nothing to a slumping team (Los Angeles). After a respectable 47 point injury marred 2003-2004 season, it looks like the new NHL isn't mean for ol' Jeremy as he's averaging now mediocre 20 point seasons.

God, I would retire too.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

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