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15 March 2007

Ryan Miller: Good Isn't Good Enough

An open letter to Ryan Miller:

Dear Ryan,

First off, you are heck of a good goalie and my kids love you. I love your drive and your determination. I think you are the heart of this team. We can talk all we want about Drury and Briere and defenseman and scoring but we all know that the Sabres' Stanley Cup dreams start and end with you. That is what I am writing you about. You have been good lately Ryan, very good. Unfortunately it is time for you to be great. We took away the safety net named Marty Biron and handed you the team. I know you are a professional and a bit, shall we say, high strung. That is fine, so was Glen Hall, but now is your defining moment. This is the time you move from the level of the Luongo, Lunqvist, etc... into the company of Marty Broduer, Dominik Hasek and Patrick Roy. You know, Stanley Cup Champion.

Fair or not, your legacy will be by and large determined with this Cup run. If you falter that is what you will be remembered for this season. This is the Sabres year, it has to be, they will still be good next year, don't get me wrong, very good. Unfortunately there is a team with guys named Sid, Evgeni and Marc Andre that is poised for true greatness. This isn't their year; that is coming. This is your year.

So Ryan, I beg of you, take the bull by the horns. Elevate from good to great. Define yourself. Bring Buffalo the Cup and take hold of your destiny. If you do we will never forget you, if you don't we will never forgive you.

Patrick Law (aka "The Ghost")

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