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19 March 2007

Patrick Kane: Seeing is believing

I took the opportunity to go see young phenom Patrick Kane play in Erie against the Otters Saturday night. I came away very impressed. He ended the game with 1 goal and 3 assists in limited time due to the nature of the game (It got out of hand early in the 3rd and never got better so Mark Hunter kept him on the bench). For the weekend Kane amassed 5 goals and 6 assists in a pair of London victories.

He has few negatives that I could see. His size was a non-factor either way. He has tremendous vision and is almost impossible to knock off the puck. He is also a tremendous skater. His style reminded me of Danny Briere in many ways. He wasn't totally responsible defensively in this game, but he brought his A-game when Erie made it close for a bit.

All in all, the kid appears to be the real deal. All you Philadelphia Flyer fans listen up: this kid is the guy you should be picking #1 next season.

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