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06 March 2007

Cam Janssen on hitting Tomas Kaberle

"I was committed to the play and I really had no other choice but to take
the body there and I would have taken the body there one way or the other,"
Janssen said. "If it was at center ice, we wouldn't be talking right now, but it
was against the boards and that's what did it. I hope he's OK with everything,
but I was just finishing my check."
Nice choice of words.
really, he has no excuse, that hit was useless and careless on his part.
He should have gotten more than a mere 3 game suspension.

Amazing, Scott Nichol gets an 8 game suspension for sucker punching and he gets 3 for knocking the wind out of the guy and putting his career in jeopardy.

I love the way the "new NHL" works, hey, what can I say?

And just a quick side note: Darcy Tucker is going to be in the lineup for the Leafs next game against the Devils. Better watch out Zach Parise and Brian Gionta, Tucker's known for going after players smaller than him.

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