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04 March 2007

Summit Series '08?

There isn't much info available, but a russian newspaper "Sport Express" is reporting that in the autumn of 2008, Canada and Russia could possibly match up for a kind of "Summit Series".

It is rumoured to be discussed next week during a meeting with the IIHF with Hockey Canada leader Bob Nicholson.

Apparently, this series would help celebrate the 100th of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Unlike the 1972 Summit Series, the '08 Series would begin in Russia and end in Canada.

However, "Sport Expres" also mentioned a potential deal breaker since the the NHL is in a difficult position with the Russian Hockey Federation on the topic of players coming to North America.

Can we possibly see a Sidney Crosby versus Alexander Ovechkin matchup? Something that will remind fans of Phil Esposito and Valery Kharlamov back in '72.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

1 fanatics have replied:

The Ghost said...

It would be awesome. Unfortunately, and this is coming from an American, I gotta believe that the NHL will weasel a way to make it a four team tourney of some sort to promote the American aswpect of the game.

Mark Cuban has it right. Market the game to all of North America, not just the US and Canada individually.

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