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06 March 2007

Catchin' up with the Canes....

The Hurricanes are currently on a not so well deserved 2 days of vacation. Practice doesn't pick back up for them until Wednesday, where Laviolette has stated they will be focusing on the PP and the PK mostly. Really Lavs, ya think?

While the Canes PK has been stellar (killing off 25 straight PK's), the PP has really left something to be desired. Scoring one goal out of 35 attempts is really....well, bad.
Unfortunately, its not just scoring on the PP that is really causing the Canes to struggle. It's never good when your top 2 lines are in something of a scoring drought to begin with.

The injury front isn't getting much better either.
Erik Cole was originally expected to be out for only 2-4 weeks after tearing his hip muscle during a pre-game skate. He has already missed 6 games and he isn't expected to be back any time soon.
Ray Whitney is nursing a nagging ankle injury which caused him to miss the game in Atlanta on Sunday. Rod Brind'Amour is also trying to kill the aches and pains (and after the Laraque hit on Friday, most pains) and injuries he has been battling with all season. Bret Hedican is also trying to heal a nagging injury (after an already injury filled season) to his "lower body".

On other Bret Hedican news, the rumour in Raleigh is that Hedican is thinking about hanging them up at the end of the season. He has had an extremely bad year with injuries, surgeries and aches and pains that just won't go away.

To help replace Bret Hedican, Anton Babchuk has been recalled from Albany.
After a bit of a temper tantrum when he was sent down and some time to "think it over", he will be back for Friday's game against Washington.
Babs has posted 1 goal and 6 assists in 9 games with Albany.

There won't be any trips to Vegas, quick vacations down to Florida or any of the like for the Canes during these 4 days off.
The guys are just relaxing and resting for two days, focusing on the huge 14 games coming up.


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