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29 March 2007

Habs great Savard speaks out on fighting

''It's 2007, and when I hear (NHL commissioner Gary) Bettman say fighting is part of the game, that's the way people were thinking 30 years ago,'' Savard said. ''I like Bettman, but I'm disappointed to hear that. I didn't expect a comment like that after all those rule changes.
''(The league is) going backward. With the new rules, I really thought we were going forward.'' Savard never accepted the philosophy that hockey has as much to do with intimidation and violence as it does speed and skill.
''I've always been against violence (in the game), against fighting,'' he said. ''Bettman comes out this week and says fighting is part of the game. Well, that depends (on what you want to do with your game. We're the only sport that allows it.'' -TSN

This is what started it all.

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