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01 March 2007

Captain Canada cries for the money...

Ryan Smyth was all tears as he stood on the podium in front of a swarm of journalists and mourning Oilers fans who are blinded by the truth.

Captain Canada was traded because he did not want the $5.4 million USD Kevin Lowe offered him, Smyth reportedly rejected the contract because he wanted 100 K more.

"100 K more."

And what, you couldn't settle for $5.4 million? That's not enough, as to quote the famous money excuses, "to feed your family"?

I'm sorry, but Ryan Smyth has lost all respect from me, if he really wanted to stay in Edmonton, he would have accepted and already generous offer. But for some reason, he wanted just a hundred thousand more?

But why?

Most duds like you and I don't even make a hundred thousand a year!

Don't get me wrong, Ryan Smyth is a great guy. But...he proved me wrong.
He proved to the world that , the great "Captain Canada" is just like every other greedy hockey player out there, and plays for the money...

Cry Ryan, it's alright, but next time you do, cry for a justified reason.

Oh, maybe Kevin Lowe is at fault here too... He dealt Pronger before the season have to wonder why he couldn't give Ryan Smyth 100 K more with all the cap space he had cleared.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

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