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28 February 2007

Fallout: Jason Blake almost ended up in Anaheim?

I don't have much information regarding this topic, but I recall reading that in New York, following the Rangers-Canadiens game, on the Rangers' post game show, that Jason Blake was on the verge of being traded to the Anaheim Ducks for a first-round pick.
However, the NHL reportedly rejected the deal because it was sent in too late.

The show mentioned that it was a first rounder headed the other way to New York.

Brian Burke secretly told the world yesterday:

Brian Burke, on Tradecentre '07, talked to James Duthie live. Duthie asked him a few questions.
"Are you pursuing any player in particular? "
Burke: "Yes."

"Do you plan to use the first-round pick you acquired from Tampa Bay to go after a player you desire?"
Brian Burke with a straight face answered quickly again: "Yes."

What more proof do you want? Burke is usually active on Trade Deadline Day and I was surprised to find out he didn't make a significant deal with or without that first-round pick he got.

Blake, the subject of many trade rumours, is eligible for unrestricted free-agency on July 1st and with the acquisition of Ryan Smyth from the Oilers, it's unlikely he'll be retained.
Ironically, yesterday, Jason Blake potted in 3 goals which ended a lengthy cold streak, must've been happy Ryan Smyth was dealt to the Isles since they'll play together on a line with Alexei Yashin....

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