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26 February 2007

This can't be right: Alex Kovalev on waivers?!

I was surprised too, and as a Habs fan, I nearly physically and not literally, crapped on myself when I read this on a forum.
Our friend Eklund, in his most recent blog post, spelled out his name in capital letters but made no mention of him in the post, he likely was fooled by this from USA Today citing this:


Montreal Canadiens: Placed RW Alex Kovalev on waivers.

By God, I hope this isn't true...has Bob lost his mind?

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

Third Update:
It looks like the situation is resolved for now; The Fourth reports that Alex Kovalev's agent has not even heard about being put on waivers "That's news to me", said Kovalev's agent to the TFP. They also claim that there is no truth to the previous reports published today and that Kovalev is still a Hab and will suit up for tonight's game against Toronto.

Second update:
Now the Associated Press is reporting this!

MONTREAL CANADIENS—Placed RW Alex Kovalev on waivers.

This seems like a pretty big mistake, I don't know what the heck is really going on here but I will continue to post updates.

First update from Eklund (hey, whoever I can get about this):
" Continuing to check into Kovalev...will have answer VERY SOON"
Note: Not very helpful yet, oh my god, I know I'm overreacting and this is likely fake, but, please no!

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