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27 February 2007

Trade Deadline Live Blogging Event

UPDATE: JAGR NOT CONCERNED ABOUT TRADE RUMOURS Yvon Pednault, on RDS's Canadiens broadcast team, mentioned that he had spoken to Jaromir Jagr, asking him if he "had been concerned at all that his name had appeared in trade rumours?"Jagr apparently told Pednault "Not at all" and to prove it, he slept all day and even turned off his cellphone.

TWELFTH UPDATE: JAGR COULD BE MOVED THIS SUMMER: Yvon Pednault, during RDS's broadcast of tonight's Habs-Rangers game mentioned that Glen Sather may move Jaromir Jagr this summer if the price is right. He states opposing teams wouldn't have to pay an arm and leg to get him either.

ELEVENTH UPDATE: DUCKS AND LIGHTNING MAKE MINOR LEAGUE SWAP: The Ducks and Lightning made a minor-league swap about 8 minutes ago with Anaheim sending D Joe Rullier to Tampa Bay in exchange for fellow D Doug O'Brien. Maybe Brian Burke got lonely now that Shane O'Brien is gone...

TENTH UPDATE: KINGS acquire HEWARD; The Los Angels Kings have acquired defenceman Jamie Heward from the Washington Capitals for a conditional draft choice. Great pickup by the slumping Kings, he has good talent; gets it done offensively and is steady defensively.

PRECISION ON THE NINTH UPDATE: His family will always "see him as an Oiler" and he has now reported to the New York Islanders.

NINTH UPDATE: Ryan Smyth in shambles after trade: Ryan Smyth is reportedly in shambles after this trade to New York and is devastated. This was briefly mentioned by James Duthie as the Tradecntere '07 show on TSN went into commercial.

EIGTH UPDATE: Sheldon Souray to call press conference after Habs-Rangers game tonight: Can this mean that Bob Gainey was quiet today because of this potential signing of Souray? Can this be the press conference Habs fans like you and I have been dreaming about? We'll see...(source: Team 990 Montreal)

SEVENTH UPDATE: JFJ just reported this from TO: Darcy Tucker "grit and goals" signs an extension and they welcome the acquisiton of Yanic Perreault.

SIXTH UPDATE: PENGUINS MAKE TWO MORE DEALS: The Penguins are ready to deal again, planning to send a 4th round pick to the Panthers for Joel Kwitakowski and a 7th round pick to the Sharks for goalie Nolan Schaefer. Note: Wow, surprised the Pens are getting Schaefer that cheap, he has performed well in training camp and limited duty for the Sharks and San Jose was trying to deal Evgeni Nabokov to make room for him. Very odd indeed.

FIFTH UPDATE: The Kings deal Jason Ward to the Lightning for a 2007 5th round pick.

FOURTH UPDATE: Depth trade; the Buffalo Sabres want to make sure there's no repeat of last year's playoffs as they acquire depth D Mikko Lehtonen for a 4th round pick from the Predators.

THIRD UPDATE: The Blackhawks send Karl Stewart and a 6th round pick to Tampa Bay for Nikita Alexeev. Horrible move by the Lightning, Alexeev turned out to be having a good first post-lockout season with Tampa Bay and moving him for a propsect who's been passed around several teams for the past two season doesn't make sense. Chicago blows this one away.

SECOND UPDATE: David Hale traded from the Devils to Calgary per TSN for a 3rd round pick. Hale was not a fan favourite in New Jersey and it looks like Lou Lamoriello finally understood he had no doing in the Devils organisation. Jim Fahey may soon be called up...

UPDATED 4:49 PM: Details of the Norstrom trade have been revealed by TSN, it's much bigger than I thought: Jaroslav Modry heads back to Los Angeles along with Johan Franssen and a 2008 1st, a 2007 2nd and 3rd round pick, in exchange Dallas gets captain Mattias Norstrom, Konstantin Pushkarev (a very nice young prospect) and a 3rd and 4th round pick. I may be off a bit, correct me if I am.

3:55 PM EST Just heard the TSN Panel mention very briefly that Dennis Wideman has been dealt to Boston for Brad Boyes! WHAT! How badly did St. Louis just fleece the Bruins here, here is Peter Chiarellis first move which will be found under the "fleeced" section for me...apparently Mattias Norstrom was not happy to be traded since he claims he's been captain for long of LA and does not appreciate that. Apparently GM's didn't even know that Smyth was available and they called Miller and McKenzie asking "Smyth was available?!"

3:44 PM EST Wayne Gretzky on the Smyth trade: "In the era we live in now we have to make decisions on the buisiness side of things, Kevin felt the right decision wasto load up wit hsome young players for now and the future, Ryan exercised his option of not making a deal happen and kevin lowe exercises his option of trading him. Any decision you make is a tough decision, especially a player with the quality of Ryan Smyth, you have to do what's best for the hockey team and not your heart, that's what Kevin Lowe has done, down the road he'll have a pretty good hockey club and that's what the city of Edmonton wants, a few championships down the road. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. "

3:35 PM EST: It looks like this is going to happen. Wow, I really can't imagine Ryan Smyth being in another jersey besides copper and blue. Does this mean Jason Blake will now almost certainly be dealt? McKenzie reports SMYTH HAS BEEN DEALT TO THE NY ISLANDERS for ROBERT NILLSSON, a 1st ROUND PICK and RYAN O'MARRA. Even if Edmonton got something very nice in return; they lose their potential franchise player.

3:33 PM EST: McGuire and Keenan are talking and saying he was dealt because they could not re-sign him. I am personally shocked at this deal; a lot of people will be mad at Kevin Lowe but anyway, McGuire stands by him, saying if he couldn't sign him, he had to trade him. When it becomes official, if it does, I will post more...

3:30 PM EST: Todd Bertuzzi: "Very excited about an oppertunity to play with a club such as Detroit" "I met with the Panthers three weeks ago and what theit plan was with me so, and they said sooner or later something was going to happen. I have to play well in order to earn my playing time. I'm getting there, I've spoken with 'em and I'm taking a little more time here to make sure my back is 100%

3:29 PM EST: HUGE SMYTH NEWS! Gord Miller says a non-playoff team reports that Ryan Smyth has been traded to the New York Islanders!! There is no confirmation from McKenzie or Dreger yet, so, this is not yet close to being official.

3:26 PM EST: Glen Healy "confirmation" that Kings captain Matthias Norstrom has been dealt to the Dallas Stars, Dreger gave Healy the thumbs up. Nothing official yet, we knew Dallas needed to shore up their defence, and they got a quality defenceman in Norstrom. I will update once I find out who went the other way.

3:24 PM EST: McKenzie, Dreger and Miller are furiously working the phones. We may see Martin Gelinas, Jozef Stumpel, Jason Blake or Curtis Joseph dealt soon. Maybe Bob Gainey will surprise and announce he's either signed or dealt Sheldon Souray?

3:09-18 PM EST: Yannic Perreault told TSN: Oops, James Duthie nearly went deaf as Perreault's call was filled with static and the show was then launched to commerical break. I will transcribe his comment later..." I'm very excited to be back here, I know Mats Sundin and it's great to be back. " "Every year there's movement and you never know what's going to happen, should be a great experience back to the ACC" "I didn't know what to expect, Nashville wasn't surethey wanted me, they signed Arnott to a 5-year deal, I started the year with no team because I wanted to be completely healthy before signing with a team" " I wanted to choose somewhere that would be a great fit for me and my family, it's been a great fit in Phoenix, now I'm moving on and I'll try to do the same with the Leafs."

3:03 PM EST: Fallout: The LOS ANGELES KINGS have dealt D Matthias Norstrom to an unnamed team. Bob McKenzie just gave us a very helpful update on Ryan Smyth: he says the negotiations have been going back and forth feverishly for the past two hours and as of 3 PM, no deal had been reached. Jason Blake is attracting a lot of attention and whoever wants him will have to pay a hefty price...

3:00 PM EST: And there you have it ladies and gents...your 2007 NHL Trade Deadline. But as you know there are usually deals announced after the 3 PM deadline which were finalized before. I will continue to post updates regarding trades or movement. Thank you for sticking with me all day and bring my statistics to a phenomenal uprise in only 3 days, I will continue writing this blog day in and day out about my and my second passion, sharing it with you. Thanks to you for making today a fun event by stopping in and bothering to read my stuff...

2:48 PM EST: The reporters discuss if Lou Lamoriello should get someone for the Devils. "If you make a trade and you don't win the Stanley Cup, you have to support the trade" that is from Lou Lamoriello and basically is saying he has confidence in his team.

2:39 PM EST: TSN clarifies what the Leafs gave up for Perreault: defenceman Brendan Bell and a 2007 2nd round draft pick.

2:35 PM EST: The panel talks about how Yannic Perreault's faceoffs will impact the Leafs, who rank 26th in faceoffs won this season. Pierre McGuire also mentions that Matt Stajan could soon be dealt for a piece that will help the Leafs. Dainius Zubrus fills a scoring need for Buffalo now that Afinogenov and Kotalik are both out for 2 months.

2:29 PM EST: Darren Pang was wrong, the Toronto Maple Leafs just got YANNIC PERREAULT from the Phoenix Coyotes; details to follow and DAINIUS ZUBRUS was traded to the Buffalo Sabres for JIRI NOVOTNY and a 1st round pick. Wow, we just exploded with 3 trades in 1 minute and a half...

2:28 PM EST: Bob McKenzie just confirmed that Todd Bertuzzi is officially a Red Wing; and that the Rangers have dealt Pascal Dupuis, just weeks after acquiring him, to the Atlanta Thrashers for a prospect. I wonder why the hell Glen Sather got him then.

2:24 PM EST: Darren Pang just confirmed that Owen Nolan is not going anywhere due to his wife who's pregnant in Phoenix now and they do not want to put him in that kind of situation. Pang also added that Yanic Perreault, likely is not going to be traded.

2:20 PM EST: Bob McKenzie notifies everyone that, contrary to many online reports, Ryan Smyth has not signed a deal with the Edmonton Oilers yet. He says that they're all contradictory to what "we've heard".

2:16 PM EST: TODD BERTUZZI has just, according to Bob McKenzie, been dealt to the Detroit Red Wings for a conditional pick and a prospect. It's not official yet. Great pickup by Kenny Holland, given Bertuzzi is healthy, he brings a full resume to the table: scoring ability, experienced, good skater, good hitter, reliable defensively. But, Bertuzzi still has to adjust, as he's been out since October.

2:14 PM EST: Glen Healy just said that Owen Nolan was told he won't be going anywhere 30 minutes ago.

2:08 PM EST: DUCKS acquire BRAD MAY from Colorado. Not at all the trade Burke was talking about before, I still think he'll do the Bertuzzi deal...since Burke likes to bring back old players.

2:04 PM EST: Less than an hour left now...just wanted to add that Aarond Ward was dealt for Paul Mara. A pretty fair trade but I think the Rangers got the edge because of his offensive side.

1:57 PM EST: BLAKE UPDATE Jason Blake has been offered to the Red Wings accordings to this writer's blog


1:53 PM EST: Pierre McGuire suggest the Stars are going after a defenceman...

1:49 PM EST: Pierre McGuire says that Brian Burke won't let David Poile get ahead of him and acquire any impact players that Burke would be looking into. He's determined to add to his team.

1:46 PM EST: Aaron Ward appears on TSN and says he does not know why he didn't do well in New York and that he likes Boston and is familiar with this team.

1:44 PM EST: Brian Burke mentioned he intends to use the 1st round pick he got from Tampa Bay to bring in a good player and that he's going after one particular player.

1:35 PM EST: Talks are still going between Edmonton and Ryan Smyth; it is believed Smyth will earn $5.25 million if he signed, per season.

1:30 PM EST: Update on Guerin deal: He was dealt for a 2007 1st round pick; Ville Niemienen and Jay Barriball.

1:22 PM EST: I just checked out and it figures that the Canadiens are exchanging calls with the Florida Panthers for Jozef Stumpel.

1:20 PM EST: Bob McKenzie is reporting the Leafs are looking to bring back Curtis Joseph but cap concerns won't allow them to do that.

1:18 PM EST: the Team 990 in Montreal is reporting that the New York Rangers are checking Todd Bertuzzi's medical record...

1:12 PM EST: McGuire: "I'd be absolutely shocked if Kevin Lowe didn't sign Ryan Smyth." He laughs at Jeremy Roenick's trade request. "Stajan's having a very good year", he may be traded out of Toronto. "What is Kevin Lowe going to do with this team?" on Petr Sykora and Ryan Smyth...

1:05 PM EST: In need of a good defenceman, the Boston BRUINS have acquired steady defenceman AARON WARD from the Rangers, for PAUL MARA. Ward is a solid aggressive defenceman and he was part of Carolina's Stanley Cup winning team last season and signed as a free-agent with the Rangers. James Duthie says the deal involves a player on Boston's roster, stay tuned...

12:58 PM EST: Glen Healy takes out his mini Stanley Cup; hey, that looks pretty real Glen!

12:54 PM EST: Now Mark Messier's "documentary" is on TSN; likely no more updates for next few minutes...

12:48-51 PM EST: McGuire: Buffalo is gonna use that first round pick to get a forward. Tampa might have something in the works, Ray Shero's done in Pittsburgh and McKenzie says: "Everyone's done in Atlanta". Jamal Mayers is going to Toronto. I think Jason Blake will be dealt because things aren't working out and he wants out. There's been talk in Boston about deals..."they are NOT trading Jaromir Jagr, I'd be surprised if he was." Jaromir Jagr however was not at practice and there's nothing new on Aaron Ward's trade situation in New York (Rangers).

12:45 PM EST: I missed this but on Spector's, he claims that reports indicate that KEVYN ADAMS has signed a 1-year contract extension with Phoenix.

God, Sportsnet is a joke: They have Eklund on and he's like the banker in Deal-or-no Deal, they have his face shadowed and they're playing a retarted game "trade or no trade". For god sake's! The producer should be fired!

12:40 PM EST: Duthie: With NY's acquisition of Richard Zednik yesterday, Duthie reminds everyone that the Blake rumours are still fueling...

12:33 PM EST: DOMINIC MOORE TRADED TO WILD FOR A THIRD ROUND PICK, this is not unexpected since after getting Roberts and Laraque, they needed to deal someone. The Wild get a gritty checker who's fast and he'll fit in well in Minnesota. McGuire: Great acquisition for Minnesota, I understand why Pittsburgh did this, it was just business, they

12:25 PM EST Laraque: "Excited about this oppertunity, this was the best thing out there. I had a few days to think about; I'm happy and excited to help this team get better" "I know I'll have more responsabilities since this a young team with young talent. I look forward to have a big impact on the team. " "I'll be a bodyguard, looking at all the talent they have (chuckles), my presence will make a huge difference and that's what teams do when they play Pittsburgh, they hit Malkin, Staal and Crosby, that's what they do to win." "Euuh, no, the Coyotes have not yet informed me officially, it's clear the trade's been done because I waived my no-trade clause."

12:18 PM EST: Duthie: What do the Anaheim Ducks do now? He says that as the show heads into commerical...

12:16 PM EST: McGuire: Clowe goes off that line, no offence to him but Bill Guerin is going to play with Marleau. There's a lot of pressure on Thornton now, they had to get him and Guerin was very good to Joe Thornton.

12:11 PM EST: Guerin: "They're a very talented team, two minutes away, going up and down their roster I know 'em so much, it's a place where I feel I can fit in." "You can't lose there, they've two of the two best young centres in the game, we'll make it work." "We never really had a formal negotiation with the Blues, we just had some discussions, there was no list of teams, the team that makes their best offer and with a notrade clause you can accept it or deny, and in San Jose, that's what I was looking for. The Blues have been unbelievable, nothing but pure class. It's been a great experience here in St. Louis.

12:09 PM EST: McKenzie mentions some quick WAIVERS CLAIMS: Michael Leighton-Canadiens; Jason Krog-New York Rangers; Brian Boucher-Blue Jackets; Hamel- Philly; Kapanen-Phoenix.

12:08 PM EST: GUERIN TRADED TO SHARKS ? according to Gord Miller, details to follow very soon in a 3-way deal. Miller reported that Wilson will not trade Milan Michalek, Steve Bernier and possibly Matt Carle. Note: That leaves Joe Pavelski...GORD MILLER just mentioned there may not even BE a three-way deal. Miller says that a player not on San Jose's roster is included in the deal. Now TSN has just taken off "3-way deal" from the ticker. Duthie: By all accounts now, the trade is a two-way deal.

11:56 AM EST: GUERIN UPDATE ,TRADED?: The Sharks, Ducks and Red Wings are in the run. They are trying to figure out where he is. We're hearing it's a three-way deal. Only the Sharks...can pull of a three-way deal, I'd be willing to bet it's a three-way deal.

11: 54 AM EST: GUERIN UPDATE: Dutchysen: He reports GUERIN HAS BEEN TRADED and they are finalizing the deal. He brings grit, forchecking, scoring, experience. I'm not surprised with his resurgence, he loves playing for Andy Murray, his 28 goals prove it.

11:53 AM EST: Healy: He loves the Laraque deal because Pittsburgh was in need for a fighter, a tough guy. They are now a legitimate contender for the Stanley Cup

11:51 AM EST: Walji: Nonis is at the hotel taking calls and not placing calls. There isn't much room left for anything in Vancouver (after Sopel and Smolinksi).

11:49 AM EST: Walji: Guerin will be traded, something is imminent we don't know much yet about him yet.

11: 44 AM EST: Duthie: It's the little moves that can add up and matter for you (on Laraque and Roberts)

11:39 AM EST: Laraque will not play with Crosby.

11: 36 AM EST: George Laraques has been traded to Pittsburgh for Danny Carsillo and an 8th round pick.

11: 35 AM EST: LARAQUE WAIVES NTC: McKenzie: Georges Laraque has waived his NTC.

11: 33 AM EST: GUERIN UPDATE! Duthie mentioned that Farhan Walji is reporting that Bill Guerin IS NOT ON THE ICE for the Blues, commercial break now, details to come.

11: 31 AM EST: Cybulski with Brian Campbell: *your reaction?* Campbell: It's tough, he's been a good teammate for many years but the oppertunity for him is there now and that's why he was traded. It's good for him, that's the main thing, we're gonna miss him in the locker room, he was a great guy, he played the last few games and set himself up for next year. *Are you familiar with Ty* Not really...a US goalie coming in, hopefully they can form a good tandem...Darcy will make the right moves for our team. New Jersey's not too far behind and we would like to get these points tonight.

11: 28 AM EST: Keenan: We offered Luongo 30 million, he said no, we have to consider trading him. He signed for 27 million in Vancouver and we offered him 30 here and he also signed a 4-year deal there and we offered a 5-year deal here. *Anything else on the table* Keenan: We fished around the NHL and that was the best offer we had. Everyone loved Roberto, it was a question of asking for too much money for the market we were playing in, he wouldn't sign with us, we had no choice.

11:26 AM EST: Duthie: More available goaltenders left. McGuire: You have to wonder if Biron is still a number one goalie if he couldn't beat out Ryan Miller. What a game Belfour played against the Panthers, I think CuJo is the best fit for most of these teams, he won't cause problems, he can start and be a leader. *Is it worth giving up Martin Biron* McGuire: I think they're gonna parlay the pick they got, they need to add another piece of their puzzle, they were devastated at defence last playoffs and this year they could be at forward.

11: 18 AM EST: MARTIN BIRON: "I was getting ready for practice, and I had a conversation with Lindy and then Darcy, and then I was out..."
"I just had a good conversation with Paul Holmgren and I'm very excited about his oppertunity, I want to be part of their future, now that it's done, that's what I'm gonna do, go into Philly and play some good hockey and play well the rest of the year for moving on forward." "I have no idea what I've been traded for, I'm heading back to Buffalo then fly to Philly" "I knew I still had a year left last season before being a UFA and in the summer I was hoping I'd get traded, I made up my mind [behind Miller] to do my job and focus on it. I had some up and downs but really I wasn't thinking about the trade deadline but only discussing the fight with Ray Emery *laugh*" "We haven't talked [about a contract], it's a bit too early, it's an oppertunity, from what I've talked to them, they're excited to have me and I'm excited to be here, I had some big battles in Buffalo the last few years, I pretty much know Philadelphia and it's part of my history now"

11:17 AM EST: Duthie: What if Buffalo uses the pick they got for Biron for another trade to bolster their roster?

11:15 AM EST: Duthie: Derian Hatcher and Denis Gauthier are being mentioned in trade talk by Philadelphia Flyers.

11:14 AM EST: BUFFALO SABRES ACQUIRE TY CONKLIN FOR A FIFTH ROUND PICK from Blue Jackets Pang: But what if Miller goes down, I don't think you can rely on Conklin in the playoffs, he hasn't played much this year and he hasn't played well.

11:11 AM EST: MARTIN BIRON DEALT: PHILADELPHIA FLYERS ACQUIRE G MARTIN BIRON FROM BUFFALO SABRES for according to McKenzie a 1st round draft choice acquired in the Forsberg trade. This explains Michael Leighton on waivers. The Flyers likely believe they can re-sign him.

11:09 AM EST UPDATE BIRON: RDS reports that Martin Biron is off to the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS, details to come...however, Sportsnet believes it will be the FLORIDA PANTHERS who have acquired him. Stay tuned...

11:05 AM EST: Let's assume Miller gets injured in the playoffs, do you regret trading Biron? If Tim Conolly can be ready for the playoffs, that will show you what depth this team has and that's what has kept them in first place.

11:03 AM EST: Hodge: We're waiting for Biron, to see where he's been traded. Interesting situation in Buffalo, a lot of injuries, right under the cap.

Farber: Biron was likely dealt as a no.1 goalie because of his recent starts in goal.

Hodge: Regier criticized for waiting too long to trade Biron

11:02 AM EST: Sportsnet now reports that Biron was traded as well, details to follow.

BIRON UPDATE: They do not know yet where he has been traded, they'll get on the phone and try to find out.

10:55 AM EST: Duthie: I think that the Sabres should bring in a reliable backup who won't pressure Ryan Miller but can be a good backup anyway.

10:53 AM EST: Dreger: Explain to me (Healy) why Biron is in prison with Buffalo? Healy: He's in prison because he is a good goalie, not getting any playing time on a team with Ryan Miller, he is an unused and wasted asset.

10:48 AM EST:
ALERT! Dreger: A source has told me that Martin Biron has been informed he has been traded.

Duthie: Biron would be a good fit in Montreal.

10:42 AM EST
Cybulski in Toronto: Leafs don't take ice fueling a lot of speculation.
I'm just curious if they'd be willing to pay that much of a price for an impact player.
Duthie: (chuckles) Just curious, is Biron on the ice?
Cybulski:! He is not!

10:40 AM EST
Dutschysen: Why would the Blues keep Guerin if they don't make the playoffs?
-Let's talk about the goalies, rarely we see them involved.
Goaltenders in play: Alex Auld, Eddie Belfour, Martin Biron, Robert Esche, Curtis Joseph, Patrick Lalime
-Joseph, Belfour and Biron are the ones going after, they're solid, they're the ones you need to get.
McGuire: (chukles) I don't know why.
-The Habs have gotta make a move after Aebischer's recent starts, they should go after Joseph.

10:38 AM EST
Gord Miller: Laraque has a no-trade clause and a no movement clause
-Blues are telling teams they are trying to sign Bill Guerin to a new contract
-A lot of 5th and 6th d-mean will be dealt
Bob McKenzie: Talk that Yanic Perrault and Kevyn Adams are close to signing new contracts with Phoenix.
-Enormous pressure on Thrashers to make playoffs, that's why they traded for Tkachuk

TRADECENTRE Canadian Teams Analysis.

Montreal Canadiens
-The panel suggest the Canadiens need a goaltender after last night's horrible performance in Montreal's 5-4 victory over Toronto. They say Jaroslav Halak was great in the minors but not so much now. James Duthie bumps in an mentions he is after all 3-1 in his first 4 starts but Healy doubts he can carry them down the stretch.
Pierre McGuire suggest Curtis Joseph as he could come cheap and the cap hit would be 450K.
Mike Keenan disagrees and cites Eddie Belfour as the better target.
-"Do you trade Sheldon Souray?"
McGuire: No, otherwise you send a terrible message to your fanbase.
Unless Gainey gets a package offer he can't refuse that will knock his socks off, Souray ain't going anywhere.
For sale? Sergei Samsonov
Needs: scorer, goalie
For rent? Niinimaa, Souray, Markov.
Bob Gainey: 3 deadlines, 3 deals.

Toronto Maple Leafs
-The Maple Leafs did not offer enough for Gary Roberts despite his willingness to play there, he chose Florida instead.
Florida wanted Alex Steen and Stajan for Roberts. Healy says Stajan can be used as a possible trade chip for Bill Guerin. He also says Jamal Mayers will almost certainly be a Leaf by the end of the day and Stajan and Pohl could be traded for Guerin.
Leafs are over cap; their schedule has them playing 14 games over a .500 club until the end of the season.
Duthie: They can afford Bill Guerin because Peca's $2.5 million does not count against the cap because he's on long-term injury list. It's a question if they want him or not.
Darren Pang: depth issue, checking line centre issue, you won't see a big move by Ferguson because they don't have much to offer and when they do offer, they keep offering up the same players (like Stajan and Steen) while other teams improve their prospect repertoire, which allowed Pittsburgh to trade prospect Noah Welch to Florida.
Needs: Gritty winger, 2nd line centre
For sale? D. Bell, D Kronwall, A Wozniewski
John Ferguson: 3 deadlines and 4 deals

Edmonton Oilers
Rishaug: Last year they had one glaring weakness, goaltending, this year they have a lot more problems especially on the back-end, the lack of a puck-moving offensive defenseman.
Lowe underestimated his defensive situation and now he will have difficulty making a deal for a defenseman. They have UFA's they'd be willing to deal to get picks and prospects, nothing is clear in Edomonton since they're still somewhat in the race.
Oilers met with Smyth's agent, both sides optimistic, both sides have agreed to be quiet
needs: offensive D
For Rent? Markannen, Tjarnqvist, Smyth, Sykora
For Sale? Smith, Horcoff, Torres, Winchester
Kevin Lowe: 5 deadlines 8 deals.

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