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26 February 2007

Islanders acquire lost cause Zednik from Caps

Richard Zednik is changing teams again. TSN is on top of it as usual.

After the Montreal Canadiens dealt him to the Capitals last offseason for a 3rd round pick he has been traded yet again, but this time to the New York Islanders in need of a seasoned veteran with a light offensive touch.

Before Kyle McClaren's controversial hit on Zednik a few years ago, he formed one of the dominant lines in the 2003-2004 NHL playoffs alongside Saku Koivu and Alex Kovalev.
He still played well following the hit but you can see the change once the New NHL was born.

The new NHL has seen Zednik go from consistent threatening offensive contributor who would cut to the net all the time, to a player who worries when he's around the net and no longer plays with the same intensity around the net.

Don't get me wrong, Zednik is still a decent pickup by the Islanders, but if they expect to revive his pre-lockout seasons, they're dreaming.

And they did pay a somewhat expensive price for a guy who played mainly on the Caps' 4th line: a second round pick in the upcoming draft. Remember, the bar for trade prices was set by Don Waddell yesterday in his flurry of questionable moves in acquiring Keith Tkachuk and Alexei Zhitinik for the price of a chunk of the franchise's future.

In 32 games, Richard Zednik has 6 goals and 12 assists in a mostly injury plagued 2006-2007 season

2 fanatics have replied:

Anonymous said...

the hit mclaren put on zednik was in 2002, not 2004, he came back from that hit, he put up the following numbers:
2002-03: 31g-19a-50pts
2003-04: 26g-24a-50pts.

it was after the lockout that he went south, he had an injury-plagued season in montréal last year, and more of the same in washington this year. he's hardly a lost cause.

c'mon, dude, you're a habs fan, you should know better.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Hey dude, I know, I said "a few years ago" but by mentioning 2003-2004, I only made illusion to how good he was before the lockout.

I didn't say 2003-2004 was the year he go hit, just that he was still dominant before the lockout.

Hope this clears it up,

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