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27 February 2007

Curtis Joseph says he'd play for only Montreal or Toronto if he were dealt.

During today's trade special day, Curtis Joseph could possibly become a Montreal Canadien or a Toronto Maple Leaf. Though it is unlikely CuJo will return to Toronto because of Andrew Raycroft's presence, Montreal would seem like a good fit for him.

With David Aebischer floundering and letting in weak goals and giving up huge rebounds, the Canadiens' playoff hopes rest on him, but, with the way he's played recently, I don't think he's up to it.

Joseph has had his share of problems and has struggled to be the clear no.1 goalie with the presence of Mikael Tellqvist. He has struggled this season (which led to the acquisition of Tellqvist) as he posts a 3.13 GAA and a paltry .898 save percentage.

However, I don't think either that rookie Jaroslav Halak, despite a few remarkable starts, is up to the task either and that the Canadiens, despites CuJo's struggles, should take a look at him.

Here's the quote from the Arizona Central.

"Joseph said he'd prefer to stay in Phoenix, too, but acknowledged that being in the playoff hunt is appealing. He'd likely agree to a trade to only Toronto or Montreal."

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