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14 May 2007

NHL Misses Lydman Goal in Sabres' Game 2 Loss?

Here is the evidence, you be the judge.

DVR Stills from Billszone


To access hi-def clips:
username: brad12R
password: bbrblog)

The YouTube "Smoking Gun" Video

I have been searching for evidence to confirm my suspicions and I think I have enough now to confirm that the NHL did, in fact, fail to award the Sabres a goal on a Toni Lydman shot in the first period of Game 2 of the conference finals.

In the following pictures taken from a high definition DVR and video from YouTube, you will see the puck enter the net and come out after disappearing into the net.

In the video you will see the play in regular, slo-mo, and close-up slo-mo replays.

I think you will find the evidence clear and convincing.
I would like to thank SkateZilla, from Bills Zone for the freeze frames off his Hi-Def DVR and bd007h from YouTube: link to the video replay.

While I can understand how this goal was missed I find it unacceptable in a major professional league that things like this continue to happen. I also firmly believe that the NHL was fully aware of their mistake. I say this because in the 3rd period, two separate times, the video goal judge had Ray Emery remove the water bottles on top of the net. Oddly enough the placement of these water bottles coincides directly with where the puck appears to have struck the back crossbar on the net.

Memo to the NHL:

If you want to be a big-time sport the officiating must get better! Hiding this from the public does not help your cause.

Shame on you.

13 fanatics have replied:

senator42 said...

Debunked: Sens Fan In Toronto

The Ghost said...

I will admit you make a very good argument and you may be correct.

I really wish we had the overhead angle.

I just want the league to address it.

Buffalo did not play well enough to win either way, but I hate how the league pretends like things like this didn't happen. They could kill this by simply showing the overhead angle.

Thanks for the link.

senator42 said...

It's not the league's fault. The broadcaster decided not to show it. (If they had the feed.)
I suspect that if the play was stoppped for any reason you would have seen it shown. And certainly if someone on the ice surface thought it was a goal. As it was play continued and I'm guessing there was other things to show as the game went on.

Anonymous said...

Cry me a river. Baby.

Ben said...

The NHL checks out everything that remotely comes near the net these days, if it were a goal, the league would have buzzed down. There were a ton of NHL execs in the building that night, it wouldn't have got past them.

My conspiracy theory: That wasn't even a puck - you can hear it in the ding :p

The Ghost said...

It was from Brett Hull in the grassy knoll.....

I guess we will never know for sure...

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Boy, that has got to be a horrific call, worse than the Briere one back in the Rangers series.

senator42 said...

It was from Brett Hull in the grassy knoll.....


Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Here's another look, frame-by-frame from YouTube, it's only inconclusive since you can't see the puck go in the net, it might have just hit the underneath of the crossbar.

The Ghost said...

I just don't know. It may be parallel to the bar? After the awful effort tonight I gues it just doesn't matter.

The Senators are simply the better club.

Anonymous said...

The puck might have hit crossbar but it looks like puck went under croosbar and
came out just under crossbar.
Trust your eyes.Puck was deflected upward and to the right by a senator and maybe
goalie.If puck hit crossbar
then angle and placement of rebound are way wrong!More video on youtube.Checkout original post by gruntycanuck --sabres vs senators thread page25 post611

barry said...

I posted as anonymous above. There was a very similar play in sabres vs rangers series.The puck hit the crossbar and bounced out, waved off by ref,seemed like the right call.Then one ref decided he wanted a second look.It was a goal high off center post and rangers got the point. Why no review for lydman? I'm not big on conspiracies but sabres have knocked senators out of playoffs 3 straight gotta know some of officials were dying to see senators win.

barry said...

Finally saw video from the back of net. now I'm not so sure,Puck may have taken wierd bounce off crossbar and can't be seen from front view

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