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21 May 2007

Rumor: Did A Briere - Drury Lockeroom Fight Occur?

First off, I am a Sabres fan, this may look like a Habs blog, but there are many writers on here and I am the Sabres writer, just to get that out of the way so you can know that this isn't biased like some of you may think.

Many of you may have possibly heard rumours of an altercation between Sabres' co-captains Chris Drury and Daniel Briere.
I have been provided information by a source associated with the Sabres that an altercation did occur, but that it occurred during the Sabres - Senators series after the Game 2 loss in Buffalo. It appears to have occurred after the morning skate the following day.
This source has given me positive information on the logo change and has informed me of the alleged agreement between Drury and the Sabres. He has also given me heads up on Sabres trade activity that has borne out through the years including Donald Audette and Danny Briere coming to town.

What I am saying is when he talks I tend to believe it is true.

From what I have been told Daniel Briere was sitting with an unnamed Sabre in the lockeroom talking about possible places he may be playing next season.
At this time Chris Drury and Drew Stafford walked through that area of the room and overheard the conversation.
Apparently there had been some strife over the earlier reports, especially after a Philadelphia press interview with Martin Biron, that Briere has talked openly about leaving previously and that it had a negative effect on the room. When confronted by Drury on the comments Briere, allegedly, made reference to the rumour, which I have previously reported, that Drury had already reached a handshake deal and that he, and the team, were hiding it.
Allegedly, Briere also made a reference that Drury was favored in Buffalo because he was an American and that is why he got all of the credit.

According to my source it escalated from there and some blows, though none damaging, were thrown and they had to be separated by teammates.
The Sabres immediately followed this brush-up with possibly the worst performance by the team all year in Game 3. Interestingly after Briere tied game 2 with video clearly shows Drury skating right by Briere without even congratulating him. also in a off day press conference Joe Corvo of the Senators made reference of how it was tough for the Sabres to focus on the Sens when "they are fighting themselves".

Is it an interesting set of coincidences?

Maybe, maybe not.

The Sabres aren't talking and worked quickly to dispel the rumour around town.
All I know for sure is that the Chemistry and team play the Sabres lived on all year seems to have disappeared.
Is it a divided lockeroom or just a totally superior Ottawa team?

In the meantime, Drury and Briere have had a full fledged love in, especially Briere, about each other since the season ended.
Each can't say enough of how much they still want to play on each others team.
Interestingly, Drury came out and admitted that he and the Sabres had negotiations during the season on an extension.
Briere, on the other hand, was told there would be no negotiations due to policy.
If this is true, at the very least, the Sabres botched the handling of their two leaders and maybe lost their best shot at the cup. Granted, you expect Briere and Drury to conduct themselves as professionals all the time, but when feelings, emotion and money mix, the results are seldom positive.

I will keep an eye on the story and report an further information that arises.

Remember, this is only a rumor.

16 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Wow, this is really breaking news, at least this explains Briere's crap show in the final rounds.

Anonymous said...

I believe this story as much as I believe in the tooth fairy-- not at all!

Anonymous said...

Umm, Drury did congratulate Briere after Briere tied game 2 in the closing seconds... I call bullshit on this alleged incident.

Anonymous said...

Umm...the Sabres didn't have a skate the morning after Game 2.

That game went into overtime so they took the next morning (Sunday) off in order to travel to Ottawa and rest for the game Monday night.

So why don't you get your f'ing facts straight before you start fing making up rumors.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

That's why this is only a RUMOR, it may or may not be true.

The Ghost said...

I think Anonymous has some issues. said...

Come on people. Use common sense. One of the first classes of LYING 101 is making up a large story with all these details in hopes that people don't fact-check the minor details that lead up to the main lie.

Just about every thing said in this blog is complete bull crap. I feel sorry for the Sabres fans that believe this crap. Daniel Briere and Chris Drury are good friends on and off the ice. Danny is a class act, anyone that has ever dealt with him will tell you that.

This would have been top story everywhere in Buffalo if it really did happen. But it wasn't because it NEVER happened.

Finally, this blogger is a Habs fan. And what team is always rumored to wanting Briere? BINGO. And now you know the rest of the story.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Oh, and for your info, The Ghost wrote this, he's a Sabres blogger, why don't you check your facts before jumping to biased conclusions?

And besides, I'm not insane about Briere coming here, like you might assume.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA right, Briere is a real class act my @$$. It's like nobody remembers the cheap spears he gives out. He is such a peice of Sh!t!

I hope buffalo lose one of em atleast. Blow Gaybres Blow!

Nice post said...

I remember a few he gave to Bonk.

Good post BTW, it's too bad some people don't have an open mind and consider some possibilities.

anonymous is gay said...

hey anonymous how about you shove a hockey stick up your ass since you seem to like that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Some possibilities? The following are flat out lies:

- Drury didn't congratulate Briere after his GTG in game 2. Photographical evidence:

- Corvo's quote. He never said that. If he did, you can bet both cities' medias would have jumped on it as a big deal, because, well, it would have been.

- The idea that the Sabres even HAD a morning skate the day after game 2. They didn't, due to the late end of game 2 and the following late flight to Ottawa. Even if they had one, Paul Hamilton (WGR beat reporter) attended every pre game skate there was, and would have reported this.

- Drury has admitted to negotiating with the Sabres during the season. “Nobody has told me that (I'm wanted), so I’m not going to assume anything,” he said. “I’ve never assumed things in this business before, and I’m not going to start now. I talked to my agent casually . . . but we haven’t even gotten into thinking about what we’re going to do.”

- The Sabres worked quickly to dispel rumors around town.
There was no rumor, well, at least until you tried with this disgraceful bit :shrug:

This is pretty clearly an effort to discredit Briere and prop up Drury...and it's really quite pathetic.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Believe what you want, if everyone were like you, rumours, just RUMORS, would never exist.

You people have a tough time understanding what RUMOR and REAL NEWS are.

The Ghost said...

BB&R don't woory about it. I stand by the story. They can like it or not.

Blind loyalty to a team skewers peoples minds.

Bethany said...

WOW....that's ridiculous...I love BBR and Ghost...and I'm with them 100% on what they say on here.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Beth-Thanks, and I'm sorry for the lateness of your blog template, I just want you to email me the colours and what your blog header.

Ghost-I kinda went over the top reading some of this, and many of the others that didn't see the harsh light of day were deleted, some racial comments had been posted too.
This is really nothing compared to what I deleted.

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