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07 May 2007

Let it begin...NHL team vs. European team

Could a guy like Miro Satan endure intercontinental travel, even if it meant going back to Slovakia to play a game or two?

According to nos amis at TSN, a European team would face-off against next season's Stanley Cup Champion in September of 2008.

The IIHF apparently hopes that this exhibition will become an annual tradition, that most fans probably won't even bother with.


European champion vs. Stanley Cup Champion = Something champion?

Really people, we need a name for this, "world champion" sounds too international, like a national team, and the term "world champion" has been abused enough greatly as it is.

I remember hearing the other day on TSN as well, that the NHL may, not in the US or Canada, but in Europe!
Cities like Moscow, Stockholm, Prague, Oslo may one day be home to an NHL team.

My question to you: does this foreshadow, or is it an indication that NHL hockey may one day end up in Europe?

But of course, there is intercontinental transportation involved here, which translates to jet lag, fatigue, time loss and I'd rather be on a plane heading to Chicago than to Olso, Norway.
I also don't think NHL'ers would appreciate the fact that they will constantly have to go to Europe and leave their family behind, and more teams in Europe may mean a longer schedule as well.

Transportation is one thing, but being able to attract a big enough audience AND build a succesful team in order to attract fans and support financially any new arena built is another.
There's no guarrantee that Europeans will switch from their Swedish Elite League Djugardens to watch some crummy Americanized Stockholm Stormers team!

Just a theory, it would be very interesting, but, I can already see the negative outweighing the positive, should this idea pan out.


4 fanatics have replied:

The Ghost said...

Sure Miro could withstand it.. It isn't like he tries anyways. He would just have better excuse to float some more.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I don't know, I think big green US Dollars are a better motivation

d-lee said...

Of course the NHL won't have teams in Europe. What they might eventually have is a different brand, an NHL Europe, just like the NFL Europe. The European teams wouldn't compete against the North American teams.

What I didn't understand about that IIHF v NHL series is that it would be a three-team tournament. I don't know how that works, unless you do a double or even triple round robin. That's plain silly. I don't like it.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

d-lee: I agree, but, apparently (according to McKenzie and co.) the NHL is kind of thinking about it.

It would turn me off though.

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