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10 May 2007

Chris Neil Must Die! (and other thoughts on Sabres-Sens)

- I hate Chris Neil. Plain and simple, I hate him! He is a dirty, blindsiding piece of dirt. That is enough of the nice things I have to say about him. It would be a shame if he got hit by the Metrorail (well, a shame for the Metrorail).

- Sabre fans need to acknowledge that every point Spezza, Heatley and Alfie score aren't a sign of failure. Those guys are going to score their points. We need to be worried about the Schaeffers, Comries and Vermettes of the world. If we don't control them it will be a short series.

- I expect a big series from the Kotalik, Connolly and Briere line. something tells me that Briere is going to make his mark in the playoffs this round. I also expect big things from The Afinigenov, Roy and Vanek line. They should be the beneficiary of some great matchups, especially against the second and third Ottawa defense pairings.

- Speaking of Ottawa's defense. I have heard multiple people anointing Anton Volchenkov and Andrei Meszaros as the next big things. I fully expect them to be exposed in the series. If they do get exposed Buffalo will have a field day.

- I am slightly embarrassed about Buffalo's response to Ray emery's shots at the city. First we got upset at Willis Mcgahee's parting shots, but now we are getting uptight about the comments of a second rate goalie? Come on people, we are better than that. They are from Ottawa for cripes sakes, not Honolulu!

- Sabres are simply better. Sabres in 5.

3 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Hmmm...someone's excited!


Road Apples said...

that didn't work out so well. ...grumble grumble...

i don't ever recall a team's powerplay repeatedly destroying that team's momentum like what happened last night. wow.

i put a little game 1 analysis here. i don't think the situation is all bad (yet), as Buffalo quite clearly could have won that game with just a marginal improvement.

The Ghost said...

I agree. The power play is almost totally destructive at this point. i actually was quite satisfied with them at even strength throught th efirst two periods.

Briere is really worrying me. He wouldn't answer questions last night after the game.

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