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29 May 2007

Ryan Miller...on EA's NHL 08 cover?

That, ladies 'n' gentlemen, is what has been flying around some hockey message boards in recent times.

If you don't know, EA Sports' "NHL" franchise is pretty succesful, although it has fallen off in the recent years.

But the question is: is this authentic, or just some joke?

Ryan Miller, no offence, is not good enough to be on the cover of a video game just yet, take a look at the recent names to hit the game cover:

1999 Lindros cover
2000 Pronger cover
2001 Nolan cover
2002 Lemieux cover
2003 Iginla cover
2004 Heatley/Sakic cover
2005 Naslund cover
2006 Lecavalier cover
2007 Ovechkin cover

Does it really make sense for Ryan Miller to follow suit?
And, if you look closely, the image is fake, the "08" is bigger than the "NHL" and the background for the "NHL 08" lettering should be transparent, like its predecessor, NHL 07.

Man, I should make one of those with Cristobal Huet on it, it would be so easy.


4 fanatics have replied:

CuJo said...

I just hope that NHL08 is better the NHL07! NHL07 just sucks, goalie’s have a SV% of .85 or something like that, PK is 90% or better and PP is below 15%. That is just isn’t right! On top of that, NHL04 had a lot more options (GM options) for you to do beside playing the game.

If NHL08 is just like NHL07, I am not buying it!!!!

The Ghost said...

If true, hopefully this bodes well. Most of those guys had great years afterward!

Anonymous said...

Miller hater!
Huet will NOT be on the cover of NHL 08

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I think you took my words the wrong way, I said I can create a cover of Huet on the NHL 08 cover just like this guy did of Miller.

Huet hater!

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