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06 May 2007

Sabres take care of Rangers at MSG...

Tom Renney receiving a round of applause as he acknowledges the Rangers' fans support throughout this series and the entire season as well.

Here's a final look at the series, from a Fanatic's point of view, and by no means a Rangers or Sabres fan's (ahem, PW and Ghost, feel free to comment.)

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres played well in general, although, in their first two games on the road, at MSG (their only two losses) they played horribly, actually, uninspired, as if they didn't want to win, and I commend the Rangers and Tom Renney for the great show they gave us this series, it was a roller-coaster ride all the way and every game was decided by a single goal; the most recent (obviously, if you haven't heard yet) being a 5-4 Sabres win on this glorious Montreal (and hopefully, wherever you are) afternoon (or night...or morning).
After two paltry losses to New York in Games 3 and 4, I was beginning to think that they were running out of gas, and that (as the NHL has witnessed a lot in the past century)their fantastic season was all for none.

In Game 5, in Buffalo with the series tied at two, Chris Drury put through a maze of players, behind Henrik Lundqvist off a rebound that even fooled two defencemen trying to stop the puck derrière the Swedish-born goaltender as well.
Drury has shown he is an amazing leader, and Daniel Briere's under-par play this series is only fueling Darcy Regier in one direction concerning both players' contract status, (both are UFA's on July 1st, and it's unlikely that he will retain both.)more precisely, in Chris Drury's direction.
Drury also prompted Ghost to write a spontaneous, emotion-filled post late Friday night when his blood pressure was soaring and his hands were shaking after the Sabres won 2-1 in overtime, with help from Chris Drury's goal at the 19:52 mark of the third period.

Imagine this: a Rangers fan sitting excitedly on his couch staring at his television screen, feeling the unavoidable power of victory approaching.
But then, all is lost when Drury scores, and his coffin is sealed with Afinogenov's blast from the point.
Now? Well, now he's probably in Heaven, wishing he were in Hell.

No but really, Rangers fans have nothing to hold against their team, Glen Sather put together a terrific team, even more terrifically coached by Tom Renney.
Led by Jaromir Jagr ( home) on the scoresheet (with a little help from Michael Nylander) and with Henrik Lundqvist stopping the puck in their own end, you can say bad luck was the reason the Rangers lost this series.
They played so well, and deserved to beat them Sabres, but, sometimes, logic prevails over reason.

The Buffalo Sabres are the better team, the best team in the NHL and have been tops ever since the new NHL was born, it was just logic that Buffalo won, and frankly, I thought it would have been a lot easier for them to put the Rangers away, but no.
New York fought till the bitter end, and it was bitter.

The return of Paul Gaustad to the Sabres' lineup was more valuable than thought, he was an all-around smashing success in his return to the lineup after missing 35 games with an injury.

I'll let the Ghost and PW fill you out on the players, these were just my general impressions.

Oh, and PW would like for me to present to you this little pic of his, showing Henrik Lundqvist's backdoor, his weakness, where the Sabres didn't shoot in Games 3 and 4.


5 fanatics have replied:

The Ghost said...

I am still pumped. I gotta admit I really do feel for Lundqvist. He was sensational.

Road Apples said...

as a Sabres fan, i'm exhausted after those last two games. Yes indeed - the better team did in fact win, and the Sabres came to play in games 5 and 6. But those games are proof-positive that the playoffs are a different animal - it was damn tough to put New York away. My feelings after the first period yesterday were much the same as they were for most of Friday night: "how are we not winning this game?" The Rangers deserve a lot of credit for not giving up at any point - and I thought it was very cool to hear the pro-Rangers chants by the crowd during the postgame handshakes. Great stuff - reminiscent of 1973's "Thank You Sabres!" in the Aud.

...and now the Senators. o boy.

The Ghost said...

I cannot wait for this next series. This could be epic and best of all, these teams really dont like each other.

Matthew Macaskill said...

Anyone else feel that Renney is doing his Richard Nixon impression in that photo? (But with thumbs up)

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Ghost- It'll be good, but really, Detroit vs. Anaheim would be sicker.
There is no Cinderella team this year!

Ottawa: 4
Buffalo: 1
Anaheim: 2
(Detroit): 1
(San Jose): 5

But, I am excited, I have watched so far these playoffs the Sabres and Sens and it'll be nice to seem em collide.

Matt- haha, I was thinking about that too, but seriously, Renney's a good guy, a lot better than some crap named Sather they had behind the bench a few years ago.

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