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03 May 2007

Rangers pursue their Quest

Tomorrow, the Rangers will face the Buffalo Sabres in the 5th playoff game of their series. After tying the series up at 2 games-a-piece after a controversial play, the Rangers are looking to grasp some kind momentum going into the HSBC Center.

Some Rangers have shown up in this series whereas some others do not even seem to be present on the ice surface. Among the first group, are captain Jaromir Jagr, goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and pest-in-chief Sean Avery. Each helping the Rangers in their own way, Jagr with the goals, Lundqvist with the saves and Avery with "pi**ing off the oppostion", have, all combined, given the Rangers a chance at a task, a dream that was out of proportion a mere week ago.

Even though having lost their last game in Buffalo, the Rangers kept the Sabres' explosive offense to a slim 3 goals, but failed to tie the game in the final minutes, thus losing the game 3-2.
But something happened after that loss, something stronger than that very Sabres' offense, that sparked the Rangers' and their defense. The result to that "something" was the fact that the Rangers would only allow 2 goals to the Sabres in their next 2 games.

Hopefully, that streak will continue and the Rangers will be able to net (at least!) one on Ryan Miller tomorrow in Buffalo.

Go Rangers Go

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