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03 May 2007

BBR blog gets two new custodians!

Actually, two new contributors!

I'm happy to announce that Bethany and Power-Ranger are now contributor's to this surprisinly growing blog of mine, I'm looking forward to reading what they have to say and I hope you do too, as they're both very knowledgeable hockey men--ahh--women/men :D

Bethany will be BBR's first all-around NHL writer, while Power-Ranger (you guessed it) will write about that team whose GM's name is Glen Sather...(no, not the Oilers! The Rangers!)

Profiles and short descriptions should be up soon on the nav-bar.

And we may be close to acquiring a highly-talented HLOGer as well (to keep Bethany company)

You can check out Bethany's blog here and HLOG here.

3 fanatics have replied:

The Ghost said...

Oh sure, bring in the Ranger fan. Nice BBR! Just when I was starting to develope a warm spot for the Habs in my heart!

Welcome Bethany and RP.

Bethany said...

Thanks Ghost!!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I knew you'd appreciate it.


The Habs should have a warm spot in everyone's hearts.

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