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12 May 2007

A New Sabres Team Tonight ( But the Refs still stink!)

Wow, the first period might have been the Sabres' best in 4 months. It appears Ruff has just decided to turn them loose. I have been especially impressed with the way Briere has responded. He is playing aggressive and tough. He will score tonight. Someone appears to have re-energized Teppo as well. It was the best period he has played all year.

As for the referee's, in the arena and in Toronto, not a good start. The real problem I have is that the league allowed the exact same goal to count for Jason Pominville in the Islander series. This is the type of inconsistency that just hurts the game.

Furthermore, I am a firm believer that if you can't make a decision in 3 minutes then the call on the ice was probably good.

As for the Senators, the call for interference on Chris Phillips was awful. Pominville simply missed the pass. It is a good sign for Ottawa that they got out of the period only down one. Someone, though, should put out an APB for Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley. What a terrible effort they put out, especially on Vanek's goal. Ray Emery is really fighting it tonight and has let out some enormous rebounds. He must play better.

See you after two.

2 fanatics have replied:

barry said...

Hi Monteal! good blog . Jason Pominville' s goal wasn't exactly the same. he knocked the puck in with his stick and then incidently touched the puck as he grabbed for crossbar to brace himself.he did not"direct the puck into net with hand or foot and forward motion toward goal" the puck was already going in off his stick. Also all the commentators are always babbling about wether these
types of shots are deliberate or accidental. after years of watching i found out that the players intentions are not part of the review. toronto is very mysterious about the rules.

barry said...

Speaking of Stinky Refs.................
What do you think
about 5on3 power plays?
Do you find them exciting? should there be more of them? Personally I can't stand them. The Sabres were a really fun team to watch for the past 2 seasons, with their mad dashes to the net and great passing. It so depressing seeing them in front of their net outnumbered 5 to 3 and
knowing the other team will probably score.Does anyone have any hard statistics about 5on3 pp? Like which teams have been given the most ,their goal percentage per 2 minutes of 5on3 pp during the season and playoffs And which refs have given most 5on3pp to which teams
especilly in tied or 1 goal games.This seems to be a dark area of hockey.I haven't been able to find any info or stats about 5on3 pp on the internet. I hope some time in the future 5on3 pp will no longer be a part of hockey.

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