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02 May 2007

APB..Danny Briere...Missing!!! APB


White Male, 5'9, 185lbs. Last seen wearing White Sabres jersey with large 'C' on chest. Normally shows great hustle and grit, rarely fails to bury scoring chances. He has not been seen in 1 week.

Seriously, Danny Briere is hardly the only Sabres forward playing poorly. But he and co-captain Chris Drury are failing the team right now.What is most upsetting is that the effort is simply not there. I have no explanation for this lapse in effort, but it seems that it is becoming an epidemic.

Anyway, if anyone has seen Danny please tell him to come home, the playoffs have started and he is late.

2 fanatics have replied:

Rob said...

"...and co-captain Chris Drury are failing..."

Players/personas of Drury's ilk (mystically imbued with intangibles like "character" and "winner") are always difficult, if not impossible, to criticize. They're rarely called out for a bad game and good games are over-emphasized. I'm always judging players of that nature very warily (admittedly, probably too-much so).

One of the big reasons why I'd be very reticent - not necessarily opposed to, mind you - about the rush to re-sign him as the free-agent-of-choice in the offseason. Drury is never called out for a bad game and in his offensive slumps the fall back descriptions used are along the lines of "he's just as upset as anyone else" etc.

Drury hasn't been horrible, but he hasn't been particularly good (aside from the fantastic tip-in bunt-goal in game 2) either.

The Ghost said...

I absolutely cant argue with you there. It seems around the league that Briere has been the bigger fish. He really needs to leave his imprint on this series for Buffalo to win it in my estimation.

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