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30 May 2007

the ghost is pissed...

First off, I want to thank Bleu, Blanc et Rouge for letting me post here. I appreciate it. He does a damned fine job and the man truly loves hockey and, for some unholy reason, the Canadiens.

That being said, many of you, unfairly took Bleu, Blanc et Rouge to task for MY article on the rumour of the fight between Briere and Drury. Many of you, especially the eponymous "Anonymous" and "Let's Go Sabres," spared no venom vilifying BBR when I, the ghost, wrote the article. I stand by what I wrote regardless of your shallow points and criticisms. My source, who works HSBC security and is a police officer, swears by the story and I believe him. Of particular concern is Lets Go Sabres who accused BBR of rabble rousing and writing this because BBR is a Canadiens fan. I find it funny that you spent all the time refuting my writing yet blaming it on the wrong guy. Memo to you, at least criticize the right guy if your going to do it at all. Otherwise, you just look dumb whether your points are valid at all. Worst of all if you are who I think you are you know better than to accuse people of lying especially when you have no fact straight yourself.

Possibly the worst point of all is that the article was clearly marked as a rumour. I did not claim this was a New York Times front story nor did I say it was absolutely true. I simply stated it was a rumour that appears to have significant substance.

To the people who follow what I write I thank you. To my critics, bring it on! But at least, torch the right guy.

- the ghost

5 fanatics have replied:

Christian said...

Good getting updated on hockey. Just passed your blog, surfing around. You write nicely. Thanks!

The Ghost said...

Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.

Bethany said...

Don't be pissed Ghost...people clearly have nothing better to do...

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Thanks for the compliment Ghost!
You, yourself are a great hockey writer and a great guy, some people forgot that we are still human beings, when that Briere-Drury thing came out.

The Ghost is still scary eveyone, and he is a damn good blogger.



The Ghost said...

Thanks guys and gals. It is just frustrating sometimes. I appreciate the support.

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