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13 May 2007

This One Hurts

This was a tough one to swallow. Ottawa deserved the win, but it marks the second time Buffalo has been in postioin to win and failed. This has been a hallmark of this Buffalo team and has mysteriously disappeared all of a sudden.

Kudos to Anton Volchenkov and Antoinne Vermette who, in my opinion, were the best players on the ice last night.

Heres hoping Buffalo has a few miracles left in them this season.

3 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I'm now leaning towards Ottawa Ghost, :D, although, I haven't written the Sabres off yet.


Just being a "good Canadian"

senator42 said...

Ottawa will win the series 4-1. I fully expect Buffalo will win tonight. It is their last chance. Otherwise it'll be broom time.

The Ghost said...

I am having a tough time accepting the sabres effort. Ottawa just looks more confident and better. Also the Sabres seem to have no answer for Mike Fisher. Who would have thought that at the start?

I really have a tough time believing they can come back, but if anyone can it is Buffalo. That being said if they lose tonight it is clearly over and will probably be a sweep.

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