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14 May 2007

Pathetic Effort Leads to Another Sabres' Loss

The Buffalo Sabres showed something in tonight's game three loss that they had not shown before. They showed quit. They simply failed to show up, sans Ryan Miller and Maxim Afinogenov. Clearly over matched defensively by a hard skating and tight checking Senators club the Sabres simply refused to pay the price to get to the net and create chances.

This sudden and harsh turn of events has left this city stunned and wondering "what happened?" I suppose that all the signs have been there for a while but we fans just failed to accept them. Lack of toughness, long periods of lackadaisical play, defensive turnovers and poor special teams have been prevalent for a long period. I guess we just figured it was the Sabres waiting to turn it on. Well, they seem to have lost the on switch. Though a President's Trophy winner, this team has fundamental flaws that the Senators have readily exposed.

It is going to be a hard pill to swallow for the team and the community, but hopefully it will lead to positive changes that will put the Sabres over the playoff hump.

Here is hoping the Sabres muster some pride and win game our at home. It would be a shame to lose the last game on home ice. Of course there is always hope for a Red Sox type miracle, but I think miracles are all used up right now.

7 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...


15 shots on Emery.

Gee, that is pathetic dude.
Even my Habs could've done better :)

senator42 said...

If you want some sort of consolation, it will get better. This is the position Ottawa was in during '03-'04 and we were at the brink of the Cup Finals with the New Jersey Brodeurs knocking us out with 2 minutes left in the 3rd period of game seven.
But look at us just a couple of seasons later. We learned from the experience. It is obvious that after last year's exit to your team that we've learned that more effort is required. Every game is an elimination game.
It will be hard to accept in the off season, but next year you will be better. You will make the playoffs, and you will get back to the dance.

Road Apples said...


i doubt it.

i'm still stunned.

Barry said...

The Sabres weren't even trying . Good. why should they? I followed sabres all season long and turned off game at the end of second period game 2 I have not watched scince. Free go- ahead goal to senators on 5on3 powerplay on 2 nothing penalties.Versus commentator "that was just wrong...wrong" All it takes is one less than honorable ref, to make a couple of bad calls at a critical time to change the whole flow of the
game.The message to sabres---" this is the senators year not yours".I say NO MORE 5on3 power plays during playoffs,its bush league and gives controll of the game to refs instead of players. It's a sad end to a great year

Road Apples said...

Barry, you're letting your fan-dom completely colour your perception. There were bad calls...but had Ottawa lost any of those games they'd have a beef as well (Brian Campbell drilled someone leading to Daniel Briere's tying goal). If the Sabres had a merely below-average powerplay for the series - let's suppose 1 PP goal in each game and no shorties given up - this could be 3-0 Buffalo (they of course didn't deserve anything last night but it would have been the proverbial "stolen game" for Ryan Miller).

Hockey is weird sometimes - although last night was dreadfully close on the scoreboard, the game wasn't nearly so. History will (likely) see this as a sweep, and the Senators will definitely have deserved the series, but a bounce here, a powerplay goal there (anywhere!), and WNY's citizens aren't lining up for a plunge off the Peace Bridge.

The Ghost said...

The refereeing has been shoddy but the difference has been on the ice. A confident, physical and focused Ottawa team is dismantling a Sabres team that looks adrift right now. Ottawa is playing better than Carolina was at this point last season, by a lot

The most damning thing in my eyes. (and this may sound strange) is that the Sabres lack of intensity has made Chris Neil moot in this series. Who would have thunk that. He has almost had to restrain himself from doing anything that might get the sabres on the same page.

As for the refereeing it worries me more from a general fan's perspective. Poor officiating takes a way confidence in the game and that hurts more when it comes to the casual or first time fan.

Worst thing is, my cousins are coming in from Chatham and if the Sabres lose I will have to wear a Sens jersey all day AND buy the beer. THE HORROR. I may have to post a picture of my shame.

barry said...

To road apples,
I partly agree with you. There will always be bad calls and missed calls.Senators power play has been excellent,sabres power play awful. My beef is with 5on3 power plays,I hate them. They give too much power to the refs. I want the big games too be decided on the ice by the players.Thats not what 5on3 power plays are about. p.s. the lydman shot in game 2 was a goal.If it hit the crossbar than the rebound angle is wrong.

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