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22 May 2007

Got a question...

I posted this on HLOG and will post it on the other blogs I contribute to also. What do all of you think of the overtime format? Do you enjoy games that go into the 4 OT's? What do you think should be done or should be anything be done? I'm just curious what you guys think?

4 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

For me, personally, as a Canadian, continuous overtime is like an Early Birthday gift, I love overtime, especially when my team's in it and you're on the edge every single time the other team touches the puck and you're about to have your heart explode once they cross the blue-line.

In the US, I can understand it gets boring quick for the casual fans, but, for fanatics, it's certainly worthwile.

I say "NO" to the NHL screwing around with these playoff rules.

Matthew Macaskill said...

Quadripple OT is awesome. Seeing as they only occur once a playoff (if even), it's a great thing to watch and be a part of.

I mean, the next day you get to go to work/school exhausted with good reason. Not to mention running into anyone else with large black circles under their eyes from doing the same thing.

Long overtimes in the playoffs are what the Stanley Cup is all about.

The Ghost said...

In the regular season I love the shootout, it is exciting and it showcases skill and goaltending.

I find it interesting that in the playoffs, where there is no shootout, the game has become a grind it down, defense slugfest. Maybe this is due to the idea that they can outwait the other tema until someone makes a mistake. Maybe the shootout would help eliminate that.

That being said. It would be unfortunate in many regards for the Stanley Cup to be awarded to the winner of a shootout after 7 hard fought games.

I think it should stay the same way it is now.

The irony in all of this is, if the league holds firm on calling the calls that need to be called these OT games would usually resolve themselves quickly and OT games would also be rarer. It is when they swallow the whistles and allow the nuetral zone slog like interference and other junk that the games take forever.

Road Apples said...

it makes me nervous to think that they could change to a shootout...

i think this is such a non-issue, or should be. 3 or 4-OT games are so SO rare that changing an entire game structure for something that happens once every what - 2 years? - is insane.

there's nothing in the sporting world like playoff OT. everything would change if the specter of a shootout loomed over the teams. more conservative play. bad bad bad bad.


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