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29 May 2007

Hasek good bet to return

Listening to Dominik Hasek's comments after the Game 6 loss to Anaheim Tuesday and on Friday during the locker cleanout day, I'm convinced he's coming back. He feels great physically and still has a burning desire to win another Cup. He's wanted back by management and teammates and he feels good about this team's chances next season. Unless his family convinces him otherwise, I'd expect him back.
Mike Babcock was already set to make his pitch.
"I'm going to grab a bottle of wine, and I'm going to walk down the street and around the corner,'' Babcock said. "I don't know exactly where he lives but I know he lives in my neighborhood and we're going to sit on his deck and I'm probably going to bring my wife, too, and we'll hang out and find out. That's how we're having it. I already told him that. So that'll be good and we'll make sure we don't run out of wine.''
This time, Hasek isn't likely to settle for a $750,000 base salary. But, since there's no other place he'd rather be, he probably won't be looking to break the bank either.
Todd Bertuzzi made it clear there's no other place he'd rather be than Detroit. The Wings would definitely re-sign him, but they have to be concerned about his back, so they probably wouldn't commit more than one season at at around $2 million, with maybe a option year based on games played or performance.
The Wings also want Mathieu Schneider back, but they realize it won't be easy agreeing on a figure. In the end, my guess is Schneider returns because he's been more comfortable here than at any of his previous five NHL stops.
That probably might not leave enough room for Danny Markov. Forget about Robert Lang (his bags were probably packed by Christmas) and Kyle Calder, who have no chance of returning.

5 fanatics have replied:

Bethany said...

I really wish he would just stay retired.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Beth: and why is that?

CuJo: I think the Wings should really lose the "oldie" attitude they have and try to get some young talent from within the organisation in, Jimmy Howard is looking great down in Grand Rapids and he sure could make it if Holland desires.

CuJo said...

Jimmy Howard is the future of the Red Wings organization, no question about that. He still needs 1 year of AHL, he isn’t ready just yet. This year he was inconsistent and had some injuries. If Detroit signs Hasek to a 1 year deal, then it gives Howard 1 year more to develop. Witch is something he needs! And you can’t put a price on Hasek experience and what he brings in the locker-room. The players just love to have Hasek back there in the net, that’s how much confidence this guy gives towards the players! And on defence and offence the “kids” are already there, this team has a bright future!

The Ghost said...

If he does retire I wonder which line he'll use:

1) I want to raise my kids in the Czech Republic

2) They want to arrest me in the Czech Republic so I want to raise my kids in america.

3) I cant play, my groin hurts.

4) All of the above.

CuJo said...

Number 1. His family is the only reason. I hope that his family still wants to live another year in Detroit.

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