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31 May 2007

Crosby to be named Captain

I will have more information about this when it actually happens but for now it looks like he will be named Captain today. You can read the article here.

UPDATE I was reading at Mirtle's blog...and he was saying that the reason they are doing it now is so that Crosby can break another record by becoming the youngest Captain ever in the NHL. I think it's a little ridiuclous to be perfectly honest. I believe Crosby is a great player...he has a TON of skills BUT when it comes to his leadership...I have doubts. Maybe, if I wouldn't have seen him cry, and whine to the refs after every bad call...I would change my mind. The fact of the matter is this is a mans game and Crosby is still...a boy...disagree with me if you want...but it's the truth.

Article Here

9 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I don't think he's ready yet.

The Ghost said...

Nothing against Crosby, but I think Staal will end up being the leader of the Pens.

The kids is a Mark Messier clone.

Bethany said...

I agree with both of you guys...I think they are just giving him the 'C' because he is Crosby and he has scored so many goals...he is a whiner and I'm not sure about his leadership qualities...I mean was he ever a Captain of any of his Junior teams?

The Ghost said...

I think he was captain the last year with Oceanic, but I am not positive.

More telling, in my opinion, was that Dan Paille, not Crosby, was always the captain of the World Juniors teams.

Unfortunately the idea of "captain" has been cheapened somewhat in recent years with guys like Yashin wearing the 'c'

Bethany said...

I think it's ridiculous that he gets to wear a C...I mean honestly when I think of Captain I think of guys like Yzerman, Sakic, and Foote *hey I'm a Jackets fan what do you expect* these guys are true leaders and you can see that on the ice...with Crosby all I see is a whiney kid.

Sherry said...

I wouldn't have a problem with Crosby being named the captain if he was a mature, 19-year-old. Pittsburgh fans will defend his whining to the refs as the fact that he gets abused out there and the refs seem to turn a blind eye to it. But, two years in the league and he hasn't learned to leave it alone and play through it. To me, that proves he's not ready. But really, it is just a letter on the sweater. We all know that if Roberts re-signs with the Pens he'll be the leader in the dressing room anyways.

Bethany said...

Yeah, but do you think that Roberts will re-sign with them?

Sherry said...

From what I've heard, he seems to want to and I think if you're going to make Crosby the captain, you're going to have to resign Roberts and give him an 'A'. There aren't enough vets on this team, and they're going to need it if they want to take another run at the playoffs.

CuJo said...

I don't now, it worked for Steve Yzerman. I hope for Crosby and Pittsburgh that it also works

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