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05 March 2007

Isn't it wonderful how Brandon Bochenski suddenly became a star?

Aren't these fairy tale stories wonderful?

Last season, Canadiens goaltender Cristobal Huet was the clear winner, this season, Brandon Bochensk is raising some eyebrows in Boston.
Let's learn a little 'bout Brandon Bochenski. For starters, he was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks at the trade deadline last season after a remarkable stint with the Senators, in exchange for forward Tyler Arnason and a 1st round pick.
Bochenski had 14 points in 20 games with Ottawa but managed just 2 goals in 10 games with Chicago this season.
The deal proved to be a bust for both teams, especially Ottawa, since Arnason did not make an impact as expected, putting up a zero in the goals column and adding just 4 assists in 19 games.

Things didn't go well for Bochenski either, he was floundering miserably in Chicago, posting just 4 points in 20 games along with a horrendous -9 rating.
This all after a sensational stint alongside Jason Spezza for Bochenski...
The Blackhawks lost patience with the young forward and he was bounced between the minors and Chicago quite often.

It looked as if Bochenski's magical tenure with the Senators was a flash in the pan, and that it was doubtful he'd ever come close to that kind of production again.
Well, that was half-right, as Bochenski proved to be a bust again for the Blackhawks, who gave him a chance to prove himself once again.

On his second chance with Chicago, Bochenski had just 2 goals in 20 games and was heavily criticized by new head coach Denis Savard.

Finally, he was traded to Boston in early February for minor-league forward Kris Verteeg and a conditional draft choice. After failing to extract any production out of Stanislav Chistov, Peter Chiarelli figured he can try to resurrect a lost cause in Bochenski.

"Wow" is all you can say about Bochenski in Beantown.

He has put up consistent numbers, bringing back memories from his...shall we say, "glory"days in Ottawa? With 14 points in 14 games with Boston and a nice +7 rating, he's been tearing it up and maybe, just maybe, give Bruins fans a flick of playoff hope.

He is now playing alongside Marc Savard...and no wonder he's putting up huge numbers, just like in Ottawa when he played with Spezza.
Let's just hope (even though it's obvious) he's not one of those players that depends on superstars next to him...yeah, Jason Spezza and Marc Savard sound like those kinda players.
I wonder why he didn't play well in Chicago, hmm, I forgot, no Savard or Spezza there.

OK, that was a a little harsh, congrats Brandon! I hope for your sake and the Bruins' playoff hopes you keep it up!

And to close off, here are a few comments from Denis Savard on Bochenski's current situation in Boston:

"Good for him," Hawks coach Denis Savard said. "He’s had a few goals the last few games, but he didn’t show that when he was up here. He didn’t have the enthusiasm or the jam to be up here, let’s face it. Maybe he has the skill and the talent, but at a young age if you don’t have the will, you can’t have him around.

"Maybe he’s starting to figure it out because it’s his third team in six months. Good for him if he does well."

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

2 fanatics have replied:

Scott said...

Not sure how many Bruins games you've been watching, but Bochenski has been playing with Chistov and Kessel, not Savard.

And still scoring.

Nice story though.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand? Bochenski doesn't play on a line with Savard... It's typically Savard with Glen Murray and PJ Axelsson. Bochenski play on a line with any combination of Marco Sturm, Phil Kessel, Stan Chistov, and from time to time Petr Tenkrat...

Savard has assisted on 2 of Bochenski's goals, and was the secondary assist on a third goal - out of 9 scored for the B's thus far.

Savvy definitely does make his linemates better, I just don't think BB has been the benificiary of that to the extent that you give credit.

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