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15 March 2007

The story never ends for Kovalev...

Alex Kovalev (above) is suffering from vertigo.

Barely 2 weeks after the Russian radio saga, in which he alledgedly said "bad things" about his teammates, coach and certain players in particular, Alex Kovalev's still got another chapter in his long book to write:
Vertigo, from U2, is also the Canadiens' goal song in the Bell Centre, and it is also what Kovalev is suffering from. It's not something you can just brush off like a cold.
Kovalev said he got up in the middle of the night and all was spinning and he was "scared".
He missed Tuesday's game against the Islanders in which the Habs won 5-3 with "diziness" and that it was flu-related.

And diziness is what it is, vertigo has been known to end many players careers including most recently, ex-Canadiens goaltender Jeff Hackett in 2004, however, what Kovalev has is a light form of vertigo and it is not as serious as Hackett's but he still calls it "career-threatening"

According to a recent TSN report, Kovalev is "feeling better" and that he does not wish this upon anyone. He says his vertigo makes him face a labyrinth and that it worries him.

Oh god, please no Kovy!

He must be getting better as he did skate alone yesterday and drove his car to the Bell Centre.

Good luck Alex!
He is also questionable for tomorrow's game in Pittsburgh and it will be determined today whether or not he takes the trip there.

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